After I…

Guess, what is this!!! GROSS!!!
P.S. Rych just informed me that he will me releasing a track this week. Stay tune!!!


It’s a smashed up SNAIL =P

18 thoughts on “After I…”

  1. xes: hehe…i sure am going to say something about this.
    frank, the snail was harmless and it didn’t steal your gay partner away from you. why did you kill it oh so brutally?. sigh…

  2. It’s a very grossed smashed up snail. U’re cruel
    frank!!…My neck is so long already waiting for
    mr rych to release his next track.

  3. I wonder if you somehow gently pulled snail outta its shell…would it live or shrivel up and die….hmmmmm
    I’m sure there are chemicals that dissolve just the calcium…maybe can try that on snail…hehehe

  4. what u should do is, hook it out of its shell, then put salt on it as part of your osmosis education. see the ppl who did R.O water, they become millionaires just becuase they know osmosis…

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