The Biggest Turn Off Ever

My friend, X has a girl who has a crush on him. Unfortunately, not hot.
Me: ehhh…go for it man!!
X: Dont want la.
Me: aiyah, cover the face, fire the base man!!
X: mmmm… i might need to turn off the lights as well if i do that.
Me: imagine making out with her plus the fondling etc etc. then when everthing gets guys get naked.
Me: then you feel something wet and soft.. the smell is a little bit pungent..but nevermind.. you proceed to lick it..mmm salty…
Me: you find it hairy and wet.
Me: then you realise it her hairy and sweaty ARMPIT BWAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!
X: EUW!!!!!!!!!!

17 thoughts on “The Biggest Turn Off Ever”

  1. yvonne: i knew someone is going to say this!! hence i’ve prepared a reply to that!! hehe i’m speaking from soemthing called, “imagination”.
    frank: dont see that in the movies la .
    Applegal: i think he was already potong when i said go for it hehe

  2. galferari: better advise all your girlfriends to shave their armpits often to avoid such incident!
    boob_omatic: mmmm…frank is not gay. hehe
    sy: hehehe 😑
    honfaai: yes im can u be my pimp? i need a real woman. like your MOMMA.

  3. frank: not absolutely agreeable… not all women shaven up… lol… apparently ive been hearing witnessing stories of chinese prostitutes (in CHINA only!.. lol) not shaving their underarm… kakakak… kinky sex u call it???? ive no idea!

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