After working together for 52 weeks, its time for the current MASSOC committee members to retire. This evening, the committees and MASSOC members gathered at The Frederick Mappins Building for the Annual General Meeting. The purpose of the meeting is for the committees to give their final speech (thank you note etc) and the most important of all, for the new candidates for the new committee to give their speeches.

Hiskandar, our president, delivered his last speech. He thanked everyone who are in the committee and sub committee and also personally thanked all those who helped MASSOC even though they’re not members.

As Hiskandar announced my name for my contribution as MASSOC Webmaster chief, my friends gave a thunderous applause accompanied by loud cheering. Everyone else was looking at me, I felt embarrassed but obviously, I never felt so proud before.

Allen’s final financial speech was next. He was expecting people to ask questions about his account but only one question was asked. I wanted to ask what made up the miscellaneous expenses (it was only £8) and whether did they spent the money for the KFC we bought for dinner last time. However, I knew it was a stupid question.

And the most awaited event was the Candidates speeches. Most of the speeches were boring but yet I stayed till the end to cast my vote. One of the candidates, Rachel, couldn’t make it to the AGM due to the fact that she’s in Malaysia. She printed out leaflets, made a video of her speech and played it to the members and lastly she got a phone that enables her to speak in the AGM. However, despite the hard work and initiative, she didn’t win any post at all.

Ju Meng wasn’t on his top performance today. For years, he had been bombarding tough questions to every candidate during the AGM. He was sitting behind me throughout the AGM and I found out that he prepares questions on his palmtop every time a candidate finishes his or her speech. He grins wickedly as soon as he finishes writing his question.

Frederick and Eng Keat on the other hand were on their top form today. They kept on bombarding questions to Derrick (one of the candidates running for President). Derrick had a hard time answering the questions. The actual purpose of bombarding Derrick was to clear the path for Jason, as he seemed to be one of the strong candidates.

The AGM ended in 3 hours time. Casting votes session was the final event and the results will be announced at Interval Bar. We were wondering whether Jason or Derrick would win the presidency. Before that, the committees bought couple of shots of liquor for the new committee members to down as soon as their names are announced. The sadistic committee bought at least 2 shots of hard liquor for the new committee to down (well not all but most of them).

And now, I’m in my room. I just spoke to the new President about the web page team and even suggested that we should have a Photo team (it was Frederick’s idea). The new president has very good social skills. He would listen to everyone’s opinion and agree on it without any buts and nos. Derrick Loh from Singapore beats Jason Kok by less than 10 votes to be our newest MASSOC President!
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