Michelle’s Birthday 2002

Things haven’t been working well for me. Today, I bought a 5 satellites speaker for discounted price of £70. It sounds good and value for money but the only problem is my laptop doesn’t support it! The speaker requires 3 plug in sockets and all I have is just one. Therefore, only 2 of the satellites could run while the others doesn’t play at all because the cable couldn’t be plug into the laptop.

I went to Michelle’s birthday dinner at Orleans later at night. Her birthday is tomorrow but somehow we’re celebrating it today. Once again, the steak I ordered came out the way it wasn’t suppose to be. I ordered medium rare but instead they gave me an over cooked one. I complained to the waiter and all of a sudden, he ran to the other end of the table and got me a medium rare one. It was Frederick’s steak and it seemed that both of our steaks were given wrongly. To add insult to injury, Frederick eaten half of the steak already!

Many people turned out for Michelle’s dinner. 5 to 6 tables had to be combined to accommodate everybody. As usual, there were photo sessions, cake cutting and eating session and finally Michelle’s free shot of liquor. As usual again Michelle was in a state of comatose as soon as she arrived home.
Check out the new King Of Fighters 2002 videos! FUCKING ONZZ AHH!!

Mai Shiranui
Iori Yagami
Iori Yagami 2

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