ah lian

This is mean but sorry I can’t help it..it’s farking funny!!

Got this from Umeng 😀

Source: http://www.photoforum.org/display.php?displayphoto=++&id=12193

Ah Lian – Chinese term. Could be defined as a lowly educated Chinese girl. Ivan described it as 2nd class chinese girl. Fon on the other hand gave a list of the characteristic of an Ah Lian:

very outstanding hair karler
super slut dressin
must speak half hokkien half mandarin
must smoke while talkin on hp
must be easy to get

I got this from the comments posted on the picture..

Comments from http://www.photoforum.org/display.php?displayphoto=++&id=12193

By hahaboy Posted on 2002-02-03 15:04:32
low standard ah lian

By doppelganger Posted on 2002-04-01 20:07:13
wat’s the theme of the photo la ? composition with food in fridge… and computer CPU…. pentium 4 she is not… someone put herin the fridge before she rots anymore…. evil as always.

By drachez Posted on 2002-04-15 06:01:20
this is smiling octopus…

By ChinaMan Posted on 2002-12-03 11:13:20
This iS NOT a AH-Lian.
She is a taiwanese betel nut girl.
You people….

By wAiT4U Posted on 2002-07-01 21:38:30
wat is this?? ah lian??? can u dun insult ah lian leh….where got ah lian like that want??? u shld name it as ah SHIT!!


9 thoughts on “ah lian”

  1. thats why you ask me for the definition for ah lians..:P why some gurls jus got nothing else better to do but to pose like an idiot by the fridge,cpu and washing machine…?

  2. there’s a comment from chinaman from photoforum. If this ‘ah lian’ is not from m’sia or singapore but from taiwan, then it must be those taiwanese betel nut girl. Because when I were there for holidays, you can see tons of these kind of girls on the street selling some kind of candies… well of cause, they do pay their pride to earn lotsa money! 🙂

  3. ivan: i know u like 😀 nogi: i also donno why kekelucy: oooohh.. did u buy any betel nuts from them? how does it taste like? 😀 gguni: donno la, u do some research la 😀 killu: keke, and broken english too 😀 Sarah: yeah man..ah lian needs respect too..that’s we shouldnt call her ahlian..we should call her AH SHIT!! facky: yalor..pity pity..what has the world becomeee.. eke

  4. You bunch of stupid idiots. You people are the ones with nothing to do that sit around and criticize others only.

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