Election 2004

Malaysia Parliament was dissolved last Thursday. Election will be held on 21 March.

I haven’t registered myself as a voter though. I heard that we can do it at the post office. Well, the last time I was in a post office, I had to line up fucking long. No more post office for me.

During the previous elections, Malaysians would rush to the nearest super market to stock up their food supplies. This was due to fear of racial riot. On 13th May 1969, there was a bloody racial riot that killed hundreds of people. This happened after the governing party lost to the opposition party (which mainly compromise of non natives).

Dad told me many stories about 13th May. Luckily for him, he was back at his hometown that day. Some of his friends weren’t that lucky. A friend of his was walking around town then suddenly he saw many people started running. He was puzzled. Then someone from the crowd urged him to run as well. Apparently, machete welding men was chopping any rival races they saw.

Malay men setup blockades at Federal Highway. My dad’s lecturer was cruising on Federal Highway, and unknown to him, a racial riot has started. He had no idea what’s going on. As he approached the blockade, the men hit his windscreen and urged him to come out. Without hesitation, he stepped on the pedal, banging everything in front of him, and escaped that ordeal. He would be dead if he didn’t.

The Chinese did their part at the riot too. Remember the now defunct Rex Cinema at Chinatown? Well, during the riot, Chinese triads were waiting outside the Cinema. As the movie ended, the Chan Ho Nams and San Kai (aka triad members) chopped any Malay men they see.

Sounds like a thriller movie but i wouldn’t want to be in it.

Martial law was declared after that. No one was allowed on the streets. Another friend of Dad was stuck in a hotel for days without proper food. The patrons of the hotel had to share bread for few days.

This post might sound like an incitement. But this is the truth, and the truth shouldn’t be withheld from the public. The younger generation should not be deprived of such knowledge as it serves as a warning or lesson to all of us. I hope that this incident would never happen again. Amen…

14 thoughts on “Election 2004”

  1. tsk. law enforcers just stood by the sidelines, some acttively participated in the manslaughter. The people’s protector you think. Imagine approaching them for help, only to be running for you life secs later.

  2. Yea bummer, same day as F1. Darn it. My fren was advising me thoroughly bt riots that may happen at Sepang, due to the gov decidin to tighten up securities there… but I think should b no prob, as there r so many foreigners there at the circuit, and Msians wouldnt wana be blacklisted again..

  3. gguni: yup undi lah parti bong! yyonne: thats what i heard too! the army was involved as well tori: f1 should be safe 😀 no worries..dogma: serious? ninja turtles isi t??penny: err cause i liek ekke

  4. My dad was taking a bus home on that day. apparently the MCs stoped the bus and went up slashing all the chinese passanger in there. My dad was lucky to be alive coz he took the emergency exit out. He ran like no tommorow.or else i wouldnt even be here.i bet most emergency exit on bus today is all locked. so avoid using buses this season. lol ;P

  5. where can we find like true information regarding this incident on the web la? mostly like censored or no mention at all

  6. I didnt managed to register too….have to queue to so long at the post office…same case with u leras for the 513 thing..my dad told me lotsa stories too..there were ppl climbing up the trees to hide oso when ppl where slashing everyone else….

  7. laine: it’s not a dick bong la hahah..normal plastic bong 😀 bernard: serious? eh detailed story la 😀

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