Alan Teo’s Birthday

I went to Alan Teo’s house to celebrate his birthday. As usual, there was plenty of booze. Alan was already drunk by the time I reached his place. Everyone seems to be forcing him to drink everything in sight.

Surprisingly, JuLeun was there. It’s been weeks since I saw him. We chatted and caught up with each other. He told me that he went to Amsterdam again but this time with his girlfriend. Both of them were smoking weed all night long.

Ju Leun told me that Carl and Alex were no longer studying in Nottingham Uni. Carl is back in Malaysia working after dropping out from Nottingham Uni. It’s the second time he dropped out from Law school. Alex on the other hand is back in Germany. He dropped out from Nottingham too, smart guy but no idea why he dropped out.
There weren’t many people in Alan’s house but it was sure noisy. They were forcing Alan and Allen to drink the whole night and in the end, Alan and Allen tried escaping the torturous mob by running away from the house. Unfortunately, they were caught and the mob barricaded the house to prevent Alan and Allen from escaping.

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