Ampang Elevated Highway 2.9.2005

May God bless his Soul….
One minute he’s still alive, thinking about the things he should do with his wife and his children. The next minute, he lies on the ground motionless.
Think about your love ones people.

21 thoughts on “Ampang Elevated Highway 2.9.2005”

  1. what coolcoolciao?? the black car (wira) was speedin and probably the motorcycle took an illegal turn out to the highway.
    puhyah: yeah la. motorbikes are dangerous man..

  2. pity those motorcyclists at times like this lerr…but if u see them on the road at night doin those stupid and annoying things arr…u will feel that they should die that way!

  3. Leong, it’s a Putra. Was on my way to Mont’ Kiara at that time about 2 plus. Went pass the incident. Saw the dead body lying there. The leg was somehow crooked. Not much blood. Driver frightened, damm panic. The entire scene was really scary and I started wondering how does knocking somebody to death feels like… Must be horrifying. It’s been a bad day to see such a thing…

  4. huu thats the elevated highway meh? i don think so, but somewhere near la … bike are not allowed into the ampang elevated highway rite …
    what the fuck man – the bike broke into two …

  5. Dan: yeah god bless him..
    umeng: i think those mat motors who zig zag their way in the highway plus those who modify their motorbikes to a way whereby its annonying..shuld die!!
    pikey: yeah.. poor guy
    darren: ur life to the fullest man..lets hit the papaya farm tonight!!
    sarah: watodo. they dont know when death will hit them
    wendy: wah..arent u supposed to be @ work that time ? O_O
    baby: wah ? u were there??? what were u doing there?
    earl-ku: thre’s this part where motorcycles jump over some cones to get into the elevated highway. illegal trn i guess
    kiang: mmmm good question.. i think covered with his shirt la. butthen his helmet is no where to eb seen wor..
    glo: in front of menara asia life 😀 phileo promenade there
    zhong: hehe ewww

  6. we will never understand the feeling of the driver, i mean, we will never ever understand. Even though we might say, he will remember this for the rest of his life (doh! obviously la), but then, the fear…the fear that’s in him..i donno lo..
    i feel the pain for the driver..i nearly had this kinda moment, but thank God the “sei” motorist only had a minor cut…i saw him flew above my car…it wasn’t my fault at all..he was wearing black, wearing sunglasses in the middle of the night…I really thank God that he’s not dead…

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