an adventurous way to start the new year!

What a way to start the New Year! It was a special day today. The East side has met the West side. Well, the East side were my pals from Old Klang Road while the West side were the PJ fellows. To those who don’t know, Old Klang Road is usually associated with Ah Beng or very Chinese oriented people, while PJ fellows are usually associated with Westernised Malaysians. And yeah, usually, they don’t get a long well due to irreconcilable differences.

So today, the East Side has met the West side. But it was a rather awkward situation.
Hen, Captain Yeap (Yes, from Malaysian Air Force), Him, Umeng, sLoonG and I went to Hartamas Square for beer. It was their 3rd round of alcohol I think, before that, they had Barons and beer. Sui Lin joined us too.

Sui Lin decided to drive my car back to her place as I turned into a red lobster (I get red when I drink). But as we were on the way home, Sui Lin decided to check the highway for roadblocks while the East Side were happily speeding home.

As we reached the junction between Bangsar and PJ, we saw Umeng running out from the car. I thought he was running towards the bushes for a quick piss. But he was pointing towards something.

It was Hen. His car rammed into a divider. The front part of his car was badly smashed. sLoonG was in the car too. The divider was badly smashed too.

Fortunately, they were fine. Not a single scratch.

Hen got out from the car and laughed, “Hey let’s have some more Barons!”

Within seconds, a fleet of call men came. They offered to tow Hen’s car. We quickly drove towards a housing estate to hide the car. Unfortunately, the highway patrol car found us. And within minutes, the police came.

From there, the chaos started. Everything seems to be very confusing. The East Side had to hide ourselves because we have been drinking. But thank god, Sui Lin was sober and Cris and Ben came over to help. But it seems that the call men were pretty unscrupulous. We somehow feel that they plotted with the police to squeeze money out from us.

As the police asked money for settlement, our respected Captain Yeap came to the rescue. With his position in the military, he could easily settle the money for a lower sum. Cris on the other hand, unselfishly offered himself to help Hen. Hen, you owe Cris sex okay? Ben on the other hand, thanks for foregoing your urge to go to the toilet to help us out.

The West Side (Sui Lin, Cris and Ben) has no doubt helped the East Side to ease the problem. West Side rocks!!

Oh yeah by the way, nice meeting you swan!

15 thoughts on “an adventurous way to start the new year!”

  1. the West side has more police block than the East side? hhmmm… dont really notice that….. but then to be on the safe side… my friends and I went to back to the West side through the South side of the city..hahahahahaa.

  2. When I totaled my car, the tow truck fellows reached the crash scene even b4 my friend at the front of me could finish the U-Turn. Somehow can’t help thinking they were behind the accident as I wasn’t drunk because the only think i drank was coffee.But they were so effiecient beyond belif and in Malaysia some more.

  3. i saw that accident….i was flying before that…when i saw it…i was like..hmmmmm…lucky thing no one was injured!

  4. pikey: hehe the west side policemen are more efficient than the on in the east side.gavin: after u left…gguni: yeah we were lucky 😀 rakaka: aaah? where u there when the call men came?

  5. no i was not…i dont stick arnd for accidents lah..i slowed down to see if all was ok..if anyone got injured, i would stop lah!but since no one was injured, i decided to head on home!

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