best new years eve ever!

New Year Eve 2003 @ Mo Far Core, Bar Code, Phileo Damansara.
Despite the exorbitant cover charge, Mo Far Core was well worth it. It has been one of the best New Year eves that I’ve ever been to. The music was absolutely great, thanks to Bass Agents, a group of DJ who play nothing but hard music. Beer was on free flow. Chicks were abundant due to free entrance for girls. The club was small too. It made the entire scene like an underground rave. And the best of all, almost everybody knows everybody.

The rave didn’t go as smoothly though. Free flow was interrupted couple of times because they ran out of beer (The fact that loads of people were walking with a jug of beer as their cup solves the mystery why we ran out of beer). Then power supply was interrupted twice. It was really a turn off.

The place was also a drug fest. While I was waiting for the toilet, 3 guys were openly snorting Ice. But that wasn’t fascinating enough. One of the guys who snorted Ice pissed for more than a minute. I wonder what he has drunk.

Erimin 5 & Versaces

Despite the abundant amount of girls, I didn’t get to met many. Damn.

Me, Sui Lin, Ivan and Umeng @ Bar Code (Picture courtesy of Sui Lin)

11 thoughts on “best new years eve ever!”

  1. great photos cheng leong! 🙂 i’m interested in the imprints on the erimin strips, i have this pet theory that those are factory batch numbers while others beg to differ. do you still remember the numbers? there should be one on the back and a same one on the front. thanks buddy!btw, i hear the versaces going around kl now are mdma, sounds like a great night is had. 🙂 happy new year!

  2. veritas: thanks but I do not posesss any erimin 5 or have consumed them 😀 they were my friends..hehelynnz: how u know ah..yer druggie! hehe

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