An Offer for a One Night Stand

I have a friend who preys on me like I’m desperate for a good f*ck, or a shag, like they say in Austin Power movies.
Recent telephone conversation went like this:
him: Hi, how are you, darling?
me: Hi. I’m ok. And I’m not your darling.
him: Aiyo, you don’t have to be so serious, my dear…
me: So, what’s up?
him: Nothing, just see how you’re doing for the night.
me: I’m OK, just a bit bored.
him: Would you like me to come over later?
me: For what?
him: To keep you company… I still owe you a hug, remember? It will be a short visit, I won’t stay long… unless you want me to.
me: Ah?
him: You know, I think you need a f*ck buddy. You’re so rigid, so tense…..
me: *speechless*
him: You don’t have to be so conservative. F*ck buddies are a norm. No strings attached, just having fun. You’ll be very relaxed after that. Seriously!
And he continued…….
“My friends and I, as f*ck buddies, we don’t f*ck and tell, that’s the rule. Nobody tells anyone about it, that’s the golden rule. So if you get involved, you must never tell……”
“And so far, no one has complained about my skills. I’m good…..”
Did I allow him to visit me that night?

15 thoughts on “An Offer for a One Night Stand”

  1. OMG 1st!
    Say the answer is YES its YES its YES! SO you can have another post about the morning after!

  2. bimbo: i have faith that you won’t…. fuck buddies? hell no! you can ask that girl to have prostitude to be fuck buddies, no string attach as well!

  3. weird question. my guess:
    NO. By the rule “We dont f**k & tell”. since u post it up..i dont think u allow him to visit u. aha..
    If YES, u r looking for some serious trouble. guys will come looking for u.

  4. My answer is “NO” since u posted this up on the blog, I don’t think you will ruined your reputation here rite…and you’d have a weird friend, curse him HIV along with him…kakakaka….

  5. why does all of bimbobum’s posts have to do with sex? and the guy who called was frankomatic, he told me that

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