Look Alike – Part III

2 years ago, I blogged about people looking alike here. In the said entry, I posted that one Mr Azmi was mistaken for another person who looks like him in England.

Then my friend took picture of a guy who looks like me (or I look like him). His name is Edwin.



And now Gavin Tan has found someone who looks like him in Kennysia‘s Website.

Our Gavin.

(Standing at the back) Kennysia’ Gavin. AHHAHAHAH

10 thoughts on “Look Alike – Part III”

  1. Darren: ahahahaha
    antdroo: hahaha no la.
    cnigel: only left side, the picture is actually altered hence you’ll see an earring on the right
    Kink: heh, only left side. right side odnt have la
    Gavin: wtf! you ask me to post one!!

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