An old love story

Once upon a time, a girl just finished high school and had her first job in a bookstore. She was quite shy and never mingled with boys, due to her conservative upbringing. One day, her colleague introduced her to a guy, and all she did was say, “Hi” and walked away.
She didn’t think there was anything about it until a few months later, her colleague asked her if she knew that the guy was interested in her. She refused to believe. Her colleague said, “Look outside at the football field. Haven’t you noticed the guy waiting for you under the tree all the time?”
[Sounds like a stalker to me!]
Gradually, she paid attention and indeed, she noticed that the guy would always be there every evening!
A few weeks later, the guy started going into the bookstore just to catch a glimpse of her. She never noticed until her colleague pointed it out to her. He’d buy a pen every other day, just to have her serve him so he could say, “Hi.”
She never thought anything about it until one day, he caught her after work and confessed his feelings for her. He said he loved her, and would like to have a relationship with her.
She told him not to say such a thing. If you really loved me, she said, I’m sure you’d get a better job and improve yourself. Which he did, anyway.
He asked her out, but she refused. But he never gave up that eventually, taking pity on him, she agreed. But she said to keep it short, as she didn’t want her father to get the wrong idea. (She told me that those days, it wasn’t polite for boys to go out with girls without introducing themselves to the girls’ father. Well, in her case, anyway.)
Somehow her father saw her that night, but never said a thing to her.
To be continued… ;D

16 thoughts on “An old love story”

  1. are we supposed to continue the story??
    ok le me start.
    her father then went to her apartment to find a sealed fridge. when opened, he found 11 bags filled with ….

  2. seems like a beginning of a nightmare… in the end the guy rape her isit?
    coz KL now a days got alot of that kind of cheater 😛

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