Wa-Raku, Japanese Dining House

I never say no to Japanese food, should anyone suggest it – depending on my budget for the day, of course. However, an ex-colleague was treating me for dinner and I had no hesitation in saying yes!
He said a client once brought him here and he enjoyed the teriyaki chicken tremendously. Since he was starving and we were stuck in the traffic on Jalan Sultan Ismail, we managed to turn off into Jalan Stonor to the bungalow-restaurant.
I almost jumped out of my seat and rushed to the exit when I saw the prices. Set dinners are priced between RM70 – RM160 (if I recall correctly). The chicken teriyaki set is RM70 while I chose the tempura set priced at RM72.

For my set, the first appetiser served was a piece (?) of shishamo cut in half. It was ok, I think. I would have preferred it to be a bit more crispy.

My ex-colleague’s first appetiser was a plate of sashimi and sushi, and I stared at it in dismay. I WANTED IT!!!! I LOVE SASHIMI!!!! I stared at my shishamo and tried to make it last as long as possible. Sobs.

But I was pleasantly surprised when the second appetiser was served. My own plate of sashimi. Woohoo… It was GREAT! It pleased me incredibly.

My colleague’s second appetiser was a teapot with… soup? I was also served chawanmushi which he exchanged with me and I ended up with this one. There was no spoon provided, hence I tasted the soup by sipping it through the spout.
Just kidding!

Finally, the main dish was served. My tempura set, with miso soup and rice. I was a bit full by then, and I was secretly thinking to myself how I would be able to finish my meal.

The chicken teriyaki with miso soup and rice. Which was delicious.
Are you full yet? I am.
Finally, it was dessert.

Which was excellent. Sweet mango, melon, strawberries and a cherry.
A very satisfying meal indeed.
At RM163.30 in total.
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Waraku Japanese Dining House
3 Jalan Stonor, Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday (Noon to 2.30pm);
Monday to Sunday (6.30pm to 10.30pm)
Phone: 03-21450448 / 03-21450919

10 thoughts on “Wa-Raku, Japanese Dining House”

  1. God have mercy on my soul…
    This is nearly freaking Nobu price standard…
    Even though it is a 4 course meal, I wouldn’t be full with that…

  2. Foong ar… RM160 is about 3 quarter of your hourly fees lar. When you start charging RM1,000 per hour, RM160 for a meal will be small change for you lar πŸ˜›
    Please don’t forget your humble football kaki (and non lawyer anymore) once you become a big time legal icon OK πŸ˜›

  3. I like the fact WaRa Ku served fresh sweet fruits. But I think their food is so-so only, except that things are fresh there. Price range is ok lah, not too bad. Fine dining what. But Ozenki is a place for better food with the price! πŸ™‚

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