Andy Lau’s sister

Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for Andy Lau’s sister!!!

Andy’s sister

Andy Lau

I found this pic from a china forum. While her brother Andy is a superstar in Hong Kong, Andy’s sister is a AV star in Japan…hehehehehe.

P.S. If anyone of you find a copy of her AV, please let me know. =)

11 thoughts on “Andy Lau’s sister”

  1. I think they are fake pics…in first pic it looks like Andy lau in drag!!…naaah man, they shud look similar but not that similar!
    (agree with karheng)

  2. Xes,iv’N,Tay: chun or not! U guys want to see her fully nude ar?eraine,karheng,davids:So, r the pics real or not?YUMMIE:eh…u know lar, those hamsap jap ah pek has kinky taste mah.

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