So, you wish u were the emperor?

When I was young, I read from a book that the Chinese Emperors had 3000 concubines in his palace.

“What a lucky bastard! I thought to myself. Ever since then, I prayed that I would be born a blue blood next life so that I can keep chics like:-


AND most of them will have nice legs like this:-

Unfortunately, the Emperor could not choose the concubine himself because he was too busy. Therefore Most of the time, they were chosen by the Palace’s administrator but due to corruptions, briberies, and cronyism, most of the concubines actually look like this:-

(Chinese character translation: Kwang Chu Emperor’s Concubine)
And this

(Chinese character translation: Kwang Chu Emperor’s queen aka Emperess)
And this

Fuck, such bad taste, i bet they would even admit girl like

(The chinese Character should rightly be translated as: Don’t Waste time, let’s do it!)

13 thoughts on “So, you wish u were the emperor?”

  1. damn frank!those concubine spirits r gonna get u!i’m sure out of 3000, there must b at least 10 hotshots dat can match ur requirements? haha! if not, at least 1? just 2 show e emperor dat e officers r making an effort. 🙂

  2. Frank..remember…if U ARE Emperor, you can choose any girl you want! and now u know why he always have favourites….hahahahaha…

  3. anonymous: Yes, Fann Wong is very cute.DieHardX: The emperor would never have the chance to find out cos there are 3000 of them wei…ah niel, do u wanna know how many is 3000 girls? It is like as many as the students in Metho! Even, Ah poh cannot tell whether there are any chun chics among his students. LOLYUMMIE: U know, i thought i saw someone in my room yestesday night….karheng: Definately not number 4!!!r4v3r& davids: Thanks guy, more coming soon.Louyau-mike : Hehehe..have u seen Taiwanese version Ru Fa? Damn 9 wai one

  4. recognise the first one!! She’s the “siu long lui” from condor heroes.Oh how I loved that show, even though she and Louis Koo can’t act for nuts.

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