7 thoughts on “Anita Mui Dies”

  1. xes, i saw u today in pyramid wif another fren dressed in white.I was in cloud nine. Finally get to meet u.P.S. I’m not gay! Juz honoured

  2. Sorry lar, I shy mah. Furthermore u look “bz” :pU might have seen me. I’m the guy dressed in a red t-shirt with a almost 3 quarter pants wif lotz of pockets and also light blue shoes standing outside of The Fish Shop when u went pass it to take the escalator to the next level. The was also a girl standing beside me.Today’s my worst dressed day. Even my grandmother dress hipper than me 🙁

  3. hehehehehee… xes, u really having a lot of fans around yatoo bad eventhough i work in subang but i still dont have the chance to ‘bump’ into u like gguni :p

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