Maverick’s world record…

Maverick’s World Record Attempt has ended with 79 hours. A new official world record has been set.


Khai Fei and I went for Mindy’s birthday party at Bar Sa vanh. She had

6 glasses of champagne
4 shots of tequila
A shot of Camilo Tequila
A shot of Absolut Blackcurrent
Half a cup of Graveyard.

She puked. Mission accomplished!

4 thoughts on “Maverick’s world record…”

  1. hey, thanks, guys..and THANKS la, especially to cheng leong la, the fucker who started the whole, down it down it, shit..hahahha, but the poor guy had to endure me puking all over his clothes la, and hands, unfortunately, but so sweet of him.. 🙂

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