Another Salesman

On Thursday (14/4/2005), while i was having my break outside my office. A salesman approached me.
“Tai Gor (Big Brother or Boss in Cantonese), how are you today?”
I looked left and right, thought that he was speaking to another people
Salesman(S): “Tai Gor, i am over here lar”
Me (F): “ooooooooooh”
S: “Tai Gor, are you free ar?”
F: “No”
S: “Tai Gor, can you answer some survey for me ar?”
F: “No”
S: “Comon, just one question only.”
S: “Have you ever hurt a Woman?”
F: “Huh?”
S: “Have you ever hurt a Woman?”
F: “HUH!!!”
S: “Have you ever HEARD of WOMAN?”
(It was raining heavily so i didn’t hear him correctly)
Then he took out, a perfume from a his bag. The perfume’s brand name is call Woman.
F: “oooooooooooh”
S: “How much do u think this perfume cost?”
F: “Don’t know”
S: “Can i spray some on you?”
F: “Please don’t. My boss hate cheap perfume smell.”
(I was actually scare that his perfume is actually some kind of black magic spray that might hypnotise me)
S: “Do you think RM180.00. Is that too expensive for this perfume.”
F: “yes”
S: “What about RM 48.90?”
F: “Expensive.”
S: “Rm 48.90 wor?”
F: “Expensive lar.”
S: “It was RM 180 now going for RM48 wor?”
F: “Expensive lar.”
S: “Ok, thank you.”
He finally left me alone and walked off to another building in the rain. It’s tough being a salesman especially if your potential client (victim) was stone and not very responsive.

15 thoughts on “Another Salesman”

  1. yala.. but damn ago wor.. i think about a year plus edi .. cause that was oso the last time i went clubbing.. then after that go sober @ ss15 mamak, there and then these ppl came and offer la.. but quite smelly wan la after a few minutes.. u didnt allow him to spray did u?

  2. honfaai: No lar cz i did’t know whether that “perfume” is being charmed with some kind of black magic or not. You never know…if i let him spray on me, when i woke up, i might be on my way to Mexico or worst end up in some old uncles’ bed.

  3. Yo man, I’m very interested in property auctions in KL. Can you email me? I’d like to offer something in return. Nothing funny lar. Thanks.

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