Happy Birthday to Sui Lin & Gavin!

Coincidentally they share the same birthday.

Gavin: I want to call you and pretend to be your former stalker. Unfortunately, your lousy phone cant be reached. AND FUCK YOU!!! MARY HOW COULD YOU KISS THIS GUY!! GAHHHH!!!

Sui Lin: Sorry we cant afford you a new digital camera or a Tiffany jewellery. I guess you have to settle for our cheap earrings. Hehe
May all your wishes come true!!!

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Sui Lin & Gavin!”

  1. sharon: you can pass their bday prsent to me kekeke..i heard they like aussie stamps!!
    gavin: HEHEHEHEHEEHEHE your drunk pictures are the best la!!! at least i didnt put ur topless picture righttt…hhehehe
    Mary: you didnt know!!!? oh no gavin must have drugged you! i will get the picture to show u!!

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