assholes alert

Lately, I have been accused of many things. Couple of days ago, a girl said,
Girl: So how’s your girlfriend?
Me: ???? What girlfriend? I don’t have a girlfriend!
Girl: Someone told me that you have a girlfriend.

Okay whoever is it, please clear your fucking facts.

Then yesterday I got scolded for no reasons by an unidentified person on Sui Lin’s website.
andrew: what the fuck u want, cheng leong..wanna mess with me is it ? fuck u laa..fuck ur mother pussy
Okay Andrew fuck you too.

Then today, I received a text message from an unidentified number. He/She also gave me a miss call. I called he/she back but I was diverted to his or her voicemail. I tried calling him or her through the entire evening.
Text message from: +0123386878 (last digit censored but you guys can try calling :D)
He or she said, “You are gay right? Your website is xes dot cx? You look cute.”

Mannnn…that sends shiver down my spineeeeeee


5 thoughts on “assholes alert”

  1. wen dee: errr… hope that i get ur name right 😉 all ur blogs were rather outrageous! this is my first time embarking in ur blog… hmmm… what can i say?! seriously, u say those $%^& words when u r engaged in any conversation with close friends?! haha… believe me, it is definitely a HE who gives u those calls… pretty girl u are! really!

  2. t3on9, i’m the one who posted that message! not wendee!howeverrr…wendee does say those %$#%#$ words during her conversatio.n..haha

  3. now i know that u all are co-bloggers! haha… sorry for being so *blur* and mistakenly thought of u as a girl :-p anyway, perhaps there is a girl admiring u, hence, miss-calling n sms-ing u… cheers! wow! u r a lawyer man! just known of this thru “about xes”…btw, happy belated bday n i just got to know as well, that im only 4 days older than ya… with the exception im still studying n u r … errr… working! haha 🙁

  4. intro? haha… no prob… currently in my final year of studies in university of malaya (UM). originally from the beautiful n cooling land n mountains – city of Ipoh. now im staying in PJ SS2. oopss… what course im studying? computer science! 🙂 yeah! great to know u man! haha… wat else u wanna know bout me… let me check whether u have icq uin… shall add u in 😉

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