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My 22nd birthday! The red lobster surrounded by hot chicks and protected by gay men πŸ˜€

My 22nd Birthday
12AM was a little bit quiet. I was expecting phone calls and text messages. However, at 12AM, there were none so I decided sleep. An hour later, while I was soundly asleep, messages and phone calls kept on coming.

Sui Lin, Cris, Ben, Yu Ann, Irene, Sow, Leonard, Gavin, Wen Dee, Wei Chen, Zing and Faith celebrated my birthday at Souled Out last night. After uncountable mugs of beer, a flaming Lamborghini (a present from Sui Lin) and ended with Graveyard, I was so, so fucked. Every thing seems so blur then and I vomited many times. Thank you Sow for trying to bring me down!

I don?t really remember what happened last night. All I could remember is bits and pieces of it. I could still remember the tiramisu cake my friends bought for me with the word Happy birthday Cheng HAI on it. I was told that it was really expensive. Unfortunately, I didn?t manage to finish my cake, as I was too fucked.

Another part I remember is Sow dancing with the Souled Out staff. The staff was performing some sort of line dancing and Sow joined in, on the condition that I will have to down a Graveyard with him.

By the end of the night, I was so fucked. Zing had to fetch me home with my car while Wei Chen?s car and Faith followed.

Thank you everybody for last night! Thank you for the cake, the alcohol, your presence and a terrible hangover!

* video hosted by Melvin! More to come!

Birthday wishes!
Cris ? 00:17AM
Happy bday fucker!

EngKeat ? 00:32AM
Happy bday mr leong.

Guo Xin ? 1:11AM
Am I the first one who says happy birthday t u? I guess not bcos I just over slept? Is 2day ur birthday? Ur gift is on ur door, hope u will find it l8ter.

Wendee ? 1:09AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEONG!!! May all ur wishes come through! Yes, I will pray tat u get a double-D chick to hump u real soon! =D Hehe take care ah boy =D

Khai Fei ? 2:45AM
PpBoy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY wei..hehe, all the best the whole year and may ur wish come true which is passin CLP n a chick to b wit leh..haha

Sui Lin ? 2:43AM
Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

Weichen ? 2:35AM
Hey sohai happy birthday

M λ  u (5:47 AM) :
Bday today?

HappY birthday Ah Xes!

Smiley Face (1:01 AM) :
happy bday man

sowdog says:
btw happy birthday fucker

dEv|LiShbAbY? …till Death do Us Part says:
haPpy birThday firSt!! *mwah*

selamat hari jadi…
not sure how to spell…lol..
anyways wish u the best and enjoy ur birthday ya!!
get drunk and rawks!!

ForceZOne (5:46 PM) :
happy birthday to you pal..

sammie (5:38 PM) :
happy birthdayyy to youu
happy birthday to youuuu
happy birthday to cheng leongggggg
happy birthday to youu youu youuuu

hahahaa….a virtual birthday song will do?
hehee have a great day! πŸ™‚

J3di Knight (2:30 PM) :
yoooo…. happy bday…xes maniac!
J3di Knight (2:30 PM) :

s u c h e e n (12:36 AM) :
happy birthday cheng leong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hope this birthday will be a fun & memorable one for you!!!
will see you at the end of the year….take care ya friend!!

deviLish (5:39 PM) :
harpee burfday to u…
ehh..cannot log in to ur website wan!?!

GavinTan says:
happy birthday fag

Lai Kin – 9:53AM
happy birthday

Ben – 4:57PM
Eh fakka happy birthday ah. yesterday phone no battery to wish you. sorry. just woke up see you tonight man

Melvin ? 9:18PM
Eh sorhai! Melvin here… Happy birthday dude! Dont so vulgar la ok? Hehe have a great day..

Shee Yee – 4:31PM
Sexson!funkiss ere!i wann wish u ‘Happy Birthday’!gettin old,huh?anway, enjoy ur day!take care!!

+???~? rAξŽ₯ ?~???+ (6:28 PM) :

Jessie 8:35PM
HAPPY BDAY!! cant make it 2nite! Hvnt get m car yet coz it?s still not done n got stuck at home wif my dad! I?m really sorry. HV A GRET BDAY tho! J

# pea_ass # (6:24 PM) :
# pea_ass # (6:24 PM) :
hapy bday
# pea_ass # (6:25 PM) :
lotsa muaxxxx

x ((*?`?.??.?*)) x (5:53 PM) :
cheng leong!! happy bday!
x ((*?`?.??.?*)) x (5:53 PM) :
oops, i mean dicky :”D

SchizoPhrenic (6:49 PM) :
happy bday wor lengchai


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