Attending Penang Court

I had to attend Penang Court on Wednesday hence I made a trip to Penang the night before.

Forget the temples and beaches, Penang’s all about food. I purposely made arrangements to have an early flight so that I can have dinner at Penang.

For the first time, I sat in the Business Class section. More leg space and no more small seats, even the stewardess at the Business Class section is prettier.

Fon picked me up from the airport. He then brought me to a place called Kimberly Street, somewhere near Komtar. It has great fried kuew teow and ling chee kang. Fon bought some ham chim peng back as well. The ham chim peng was pretty unique as it’s bigger than the ones we have in KL. And by selling ham chim peng at Penang, you might be able to afford a Toyota Altis. I don’t want to be lawyer already la.

Luk-luk stall.

Thereafter, we tried Luk-Luk. Their luk-luk stall isn’t as impressive as those we have in KL and the one doesn’t I had doesn’t have many choices. However, instead of the usual satay and dark sweet sauce, they had many types of sauces, even curry sauce!
After dinner, Fon brought me around Penang City. It’s nice to see how lively Penang street is during the night. In KL city, the streets are usually dead and most of the people are congregating inside shopping centres.

I bid Fon farewell after he dropped me at my hotel. Thanks d00d!

I was given a nice studio hotel at Hotel Gurney. It comes with a bathtub with Jacuzzi,

great view of Gurney Drive,

huge bed,

nice sofa with cable tv and loads of space. Oh not to mention 2 bloody air cons. My room sort of turned into an ice box at night.
However, despite all those luxuries, it made me realise something.
Even if I have all the money in the world, living in the penthouse of one of the tallest apartments in New York, sipping champagne celebrating my billion dollar contract, it sure feels lonely without anyone sharing it with you. 🙂

20 thoughts on “Attending Penang Court”

  1. go downstairs to chillout and mambo and please teach the people to shuffle decently.
    they need all the help they can get.

  2. omg! i stayed in hotel gurney and loved it! they have a splendid swimming pool too where you feel like you can actually fall off the building after going too close to the edge. but not really, just fall about 10 feet down onto some concrete roof, not the road pun! lol.

  3. that is gurney hotel isn’t it.
    love the rooms. minus the lala’s during saturday nights in ‘chill out’ underneath the hotel. lol.
    i am from penang and I LOVE PENANG!

  4. haha, thanks for the treat dude 🙂
    anyway just FYI Northam Hotel is kinda haunted, been there a few times. it was bad…
    hmm, who’s fon ? does he rings ? lol

  5. King: its something that i wish to share with eveyrone 😀
    Darren: yeah la. u should have send some miri chisk man!
    frostie: SERIOUS ka. what happened in northam? i was supposed to stay there!
    zhong: thats gurney hotel! the place looks awesome, with starbucks and clubs 😀
    oblique: wow, you got to go swimming? i didnt have time :s
    Karheng: ahah i’m not going to pay!!
    frank: its gurney hotel ler.

  6. Oh. Do you know that the Northam is a hotel that is next to the Northam Tower and they have BIG jacuzzi in all their room. I stayed there when i attended court in penang, once.

  7. Xes: When you rich in penthouse of some hotel, you can always call reception for escort services. So you’ll never be lonely.

  8. Sorry i belanja teh tarik only. I very poor also. I invest teh tarik in Xes today, tommorow when he become rich he will membalas my budi with a condominium, hopefully. 😉

  9. peggy: another penang girl?
    fr0stie: woi tell now la!! hehe eh my colleague also kena wor
    wolfx: for that you gotta pray that you’ll be incarnated as a girl first la haha
    Applegal: NEVEr!!!!

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