August Events


– Presale bookings and packages can be booked through any of the HS promoters or juniors.
– We will NOT be selling any packages on the anniversary night, only if you have prebooked your package earlier.
– HS Anniversary CD is available ONLY in the HS Anniversary package [RM60]
– Yes HS Anniversary Tshirts can be bought on 19th August for RM50.
Check out the pretty tshirts 😀 I want one with design!
**Please note collection and purchases of packages can be made at the following times:
~ 10 August in JB @ Jazz & Blues Discovery – HS pres. OTEK [AUS] & NOTTIFISH [MAL]
~ 12 August in KL @ Ruums – HS pres. OTEK [AUS] : Between 9pm – 11pm
~ 19 August in KL @ Ruums – HS ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY Tag Teams “RAW is WAR : Between 9pm – 10pm!!!
**IMPORTANT: if YOU HAVE BOOKED A HS PACKAGE BUT DO NOT arrive during the times stated for HS Package collection, we will have to sell them off to those FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. We appreciate your understanding.
contact winkris for more information
26 August 2006
Cosmic Gate live in KL @ ZOUK KL!
Wow, I didn’t know Commercialized singles’ party exist! Here’s one! From a single friend whose name starts with a M 😀

    Well, how would you like to meet and hook up with your hot babe or sizzling hunk in ONE night? Are you yearning to settle down and make babies? Perhaps even have wedding bells ringing 6 months down the road ? (yes, this is what we call ‘shotgun wedding’)
    BUT what we can do is offer all of you the opportunity to meet some of KL’s Single & Most Eligible (namely you lot of course!!!) with tons of unADULTerated fun, laughter & SEXcitement!!

More info @
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Friday 4th August 2006

DeepDownDirty pres. Dewar’s 12 ft. WllyThKd @ Maison
8, Jalan Yap Ah Shak, KL. Tel: 2381 2088
Featuring the best dance DJs in the country and from all over the world, Dewar’s 12 is set to be the #1 destination for those looking for harder sounds and deep thrills.
Young and agile WllyThKd of Tek-Nicianz heads up tonight’s installment with lots of hot stepping house and good times.
Special Guest DJ – Series 10
Cover Charge
RM35 Guys inc. 1 drink
RM30 Ladies inc. 1 drink
Dewar’s 12
1 bottle for RM318
2 bottles for RM600
3 bottles for RM888
1.75 liter bottle for RM658
For more info, please log on to
5 Aug 2006 10:00p

Location: Ruums Bar & Club K.L.. 1st & 2nd Floor, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250, Kuala Lumpur.
11 August 2006

Hardsequence pres OTEK [AUS] @ Jazz&Blue, Johor – 10 AUG 206

Big it up for RotiFish,’s former guestblogger (tiberian_x)!

And why is my logo not there on the Hardsequance one? 🙁 It will never be 🙁
p/s Check out DJ Hardsequence Vol.2 by DJ Learn, Darkravers. I love the tracks at 35mins onwards 😀 😀 😀
Download @
Note: It’s not fengtau for god’s sake.
PP/S: We made it to BBC News. AGAIN!

20 thoughts on “August Events”

  1. Bossi coming to Malaysia?!?!? YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!
    WAIT…. why aint nic chagal coming along?!?!?!
    MCB, that’s not cosmicgate!!!!!

  2. Bossi coming down only….WTF! wanna come also 2 fellas lar! anyway mentioning about BBC, we are very famous for in-proper news don’t you think so?

  3. OH and if anyone would like presales for the OHM-Sessions or Hardsequence events for that matter… you can email me your name and contact details before 5th August 12 noon.
    And all you have to do is arrive to Ruums BEFORE 11.30pm and come to the presales counter and say you’re on CHRISTINA’s presale list… then pay RM25 =)
    Thanks and see you saturday and witness your local Hardstyle queen behind the decks… Miss Poison Violet… =)
    PS… damn right it’s NOT fengtau! =p

  4. 19th August? Singles Party and HS 1st Year Anniversary…sic! After u hooked up with a chicks or guys, straight bring her/him go to Ruums for HS 1st Year Anniversary..then rox the dancefloor together with ur sexy & sultry/suave & sophisticated wear…hehe…

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