The Night Barber

It was 945pm and I stopped at USJ 2 for supper with my friends. Before I got out of my car, I glanced at the store I had parked before it.

It was 945pm and Mr. Barber had a customer. Wow.
So easy, isn’t it, for the convenience of his customers to come by and have their hair cut after office hours.
Unlike most hair salons which close as early as 6pm.
He’s working hard to make his living. With the basic necessities to run his business.
Barbering very easy to do, by the looks of it. ;P
And is his name must be Bop. What’s that song again, that Hanson song? MMmmbop… !!
(no offence, Mr. Bop. Very sorry, Mr. Bop! No, i’m not bobbing my head, Mr. Bop! What, no thanks, i don’t need a bob, Mr. Bop…… What? Ok, sorry Mr. Bop! I’ll stop calling you Mr. Bop, Mr……)
(yes, i’m entertaining myself ;P)

24 thoughts on “The Night Barber”

  1. in OUG? then bimbo i think u need to wear or change that paperback of yours in OUG too lo..wait mr mmbop is a regular here in he’ll come chase after u for a indian massage…ngek ngek ;P

  2. hahaaha penispup appears! chipsmore ka…tiba tiba ada..tibatiba takda….
    USJ 2 only got one place called Anggerik to yum cha…and i HATE THAT PLACE…..!@%@#$!%#@!%@!#@!
    Never going there again. Give too many chan already…

  3. I rather go Subang Mewah.. USJ1. Bimbo, I assume you stay somewhere in SS1x. Right? Btw… that “table” in front of the customer.. is it some chinese altar?
    Mr. Bop knows that there’s no point to open shop in daytime when everyone else is working. He made the right choice. Sometime, I thought of going for haircut after I cabut from office but heck… all closed by that time. Shopping mall pulak gonna be closing.

  4. karheng: aHahAHAHa did you see kids surrounding me wanting to take pic with me, like i’m some cartoon mascot? ;P
    Abalon: nvm i refer him to you!
    xes: ya ya, i live behind your house!! can you see my little hut? ;P
    pokai: i know! ;P each time i go one area i change one bag – use the act cute poses ones! ehehehe.
    hehe. reminds me of Olive Oyl (Popeye’s gf) – her wardrobe only has the same dress style and pattern ;P
    PeNNyPupZ: was looking for place to yum cha! my friends all dunno where to go so went that area instead. ;(
    karheng: tell me bout it. taipan also boring la, after a while.
    endroo G: wah, i stay in SS1x? serious?? you also saw me there? i was checking out college students, actually. hehehe. kidding! ;P
    eeeh. now i feel like the fugitive…. WAIT, we’re not playing XES.CX FUGITIVE either! hmm. but that’s a good idea, though! 😉 xes, wat say u?

  5. bimbo i can so imagine you got this defferent expression bag eh…do you wear hungry expression bag when you go for lunch dinner or supper? like you know massive sliver drolling down expression..hehe and oh it can also be used when you see some good looking guys too..heh

  6. hahaha taipan? Who goes there to yum cha? Except starbux at night or naili’s, mcDs and kayu, I don’t know where else is good for a drink. That white coffee place at the back of True Fitness sucks..
    mamak also…sien already….must go find alternative already….

  7. pokai: no no. for eating, i use fanky’s pic as my paperbag. aHahAHahah ;P
    karheng: those chinese singing cafes? hehehehe ;P
    inhale: cos i skipped dinner ;( hungrybum!

  8. karheng83: aisey.. go drink chinese tea for a change. Go to those tea house… you can learn tea art. wat is malaumit, poulei, longcheng etc etc.. haha.
    bimbo: college student ? check what? you FBI ka? Female Body Investigator.

  9. haiyer…go those chinese singing one? Go alone meh? Nanti become like stalker for the singer of the day liddat…

  10. karheng: hehe. sure everyone will think you’re a ‘bin tai lou’!
    booby: hehehe. if you insist ;P
    endroo: i hamsap. ;P
    Redd: you cut your hair there? hehe. i wonder wat time he closes shop, hmmm…

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