Aunty and me

I remember once that i blogged about a mother asking her small boy to address me as uncle. I know that i am not getting any younger but yet i do not think i look old. Nevetheless one day i went to a Residence Meeting for my Taman, this makcik was chatting with me. While we were doing that one aunty, probably in her early 40s came and sat behind me…
makcik: ooooh..hello
The makcik said to that Aunty.
makcik: Frank, is that your wife?
me: huh? who?
makcik pointed to the aunty. I was so shy la. The aunty definately CAN’T be my wife!!! I wanted to say “NO, SHE IS OLD” but i don’t know that aunty’s son to come over my house and smash my car windows. There was a good 5 seconds so awkward silence yet the makcik were still looking at us.
me: hahahhaha (fake awkward laughter) No la, Makcik. I not marry yet.
Then, the makcik take a good look at the aunty and whisper to me…
makcik: Oh dear, must be my glasses.

22 thoughts on “Aunty and me”

  1. haha, I’ve met a lady in her mid-thirties while waiting for my hound to see the vet told her son to call me ‘aunty’. That’s the worst case I’ve encountered thus far & I am only 20 fyi.

  2. endroo G: because his ‘wife’ is too old for him…. hehehe…
    frank: maybe you should make yourself look ‘older’ la… like what i’ve always been telling you. =P

  3. 8th.
    I hav once came to this kinda situation b4,last yrs,when i’m playing with some small kids(cousin bro) @ my relative’s house warming dinner,suddenly one of them said to the others “Pass the ball to uncle(me),pass the ball to uncle(me)!!” -.-” i was lik, wtf,call me korkor lar,i’m juz 19yrs old,mayb they too long nvr c me adi!!or mayb my looks really tat mature looking…buahaha…

  4. No la, i don’t look old la. Maybe it’s because i didn’t comb my hair la and i am wearing some shirt that i wore to sleep. It’s just a Residents meeting wah, not like some hot chicks are gonna attend it.

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