KL Traffice Woes

First of all, I must thank the person who came up with the concept of fasting. Now thanks to the fasting month, the traffic back home is SMOOOOOOTTTHHHH. This is because our Muslim friends get to leave early. My Muslim colleagues leave at 5PM.

Think about it, more than half of the Malaysian population are Muslims. After 5PM, half of Malaysia is not working!

I work in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, where traffic jams usually start at 730AM in the morning. Every morning I try to wake up at 6AM so that I could beat the jam. But most of the time, I would still end up stuck in a jam as I rolled on the bed for too long. O_O

Other than bottlenecks, I think one of the main causes of traffic jam is the traffic police. Sometimes I wonder do they really know what are they doing?? They sometime would let one particular route to flow and stop other routes causing a massive backlog.

When ever this happens, I would wind up my window, turn on the radio and scream, “CHAU CHEE BYE!!!! PUUHHH KI MAAAAKK!! YOU KNOW WHAT THE F*** YOU’RE DOING”. This happens especially when the traffic light has turned green and yet the police refuse to let us move.

Sometimes I get so mad that I feel like disobeying the traffic police’s order. Of course, I wouldn’t do this until I do a research on whether I could use this argument.

After a brief research, it seems that I could not disobey the police’s order. This is because under Section 79(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 (“RTA”) where it states that where a police officer ….., is for the time being engaged in regulating traffic on a road, notwithstanding that any traffic sign has been lawfully placed on or near that road, any person driving … who fails or neglects to stop the vehicle …, shall be guilty of an offence and shall on conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding five hundred ringgit (RM500).

Looks like the only alternative I have now is to scream profanities in the car. Cheebye!!

27 thoughts on “KL Traffice Woes”

  1. 1st one to be here…lmao…
    “I must thank the person who came up with the concept of fasting”…lol..tht is veri veri offensive le…hope ur blog dont kena ban by malaysian gov le…

  2. this is the time which everyone wants to get home early to cook.
    this is the time which everyone gets up early to eat.
    this is the time which every man woman and children gets hungry and lazy during the day.
    I wonder what they eat for breakfast, maybe I should try too.

  3. aisey…. they go places of other races…. and hide and eat. A lot of todays malays dont really fast. I even used to buy KFC for a malay colleague while we’re on the road and he ate in the car….
    Malay colleagues smoking in the staircase and always on alert. Some dont even give a shit.. they even drink beer or eat cha siu pau.

  4. You need traffic police to direct traffic?…what happen to traffic lights?…traffic must be really bad in KL.
    Sorry I’am not from Malaysia.

  5. once i was driving a van over loaded from JB-PD…got roadblock jus in front..when i was bout reaching it started to rain heavily..so the police jus left..so lucky

  6. Is there an act/law that punishes you if you curse or use vulgarity to law enforcement officers??
    Always wonder bout it 🙂

  7. abalon: yeah wor. KNN
    endroo: wait till they get caught, gonna be transported using a funeral van! hehe
    scuzz: traffic is BAD is KL. and public transport in msia, as piffles has put it, not efficient. also, msia is a car society 😛
    piffles: yup
    flint: AHhAHahHA
    ryuu: ops .. corrected!
    ivN: i’ve chcked the law and so far i’ve not seen any section that makes it an offence to curse or use vulgarity against law enforcement officers. maybe some of our lawyer friends here will highlight to us

  8. xes: mentiong about the curse or use vulgarity against law enforcement officers…what do you think if they twisted and turned the summons unto “not coperative” or maybe no respect to government officers?
    Ya by the way, yesterday I passed by your office area around 5pm….Guest what! I’m stuck in that “Paper Bye” jam to Mid Valley for 2 extremely awesome hours!

  9. avalondevil: Hahaha, have to kesian them also lah, have to direct traffic under the hot sun and brave traffic, but then again if they really made traffic flow better we wouldn’t be shouting expletives at them 😛
    karheng: Oh no, I’m still studying, class ends at like 4, 5 or 6, so that’s when I have to battle with the jam.

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