Can the Ex Attend Your Wedding?

Would you let your husband/wife-to-be invite their ex to your wedding?
Can or not?
Recently one of my exes, (let’s call him Ex) called me to invite me to his wedding. I haven’t seen him since we broke up but we’ve chatted online once in a while.
Ex: So…bimbobum, are you going to attend my wedding? You can ask bimboman along…
Me: I’ll let you know ya…
As soon as I put down the phone, all those old memories came back to me – the courtship, our trips, our outings and those long nights of hot…never mind… We met at one posh club couple of years ago, feel in love immediately and broke up on a rainy day. Rainy day? Well, I’ll talk about it some other day.
Back to the story, it sure feels awkward to be at my ex’s wedding especially the wife-to-be used to my best friend. Let’s call her ‘Bloody *t00000t*’. But I sure feel for Bloody T000t if she sees me at her wedding, a day where she’s the princess and I’m the cheering crowd by the street. I hope she doesn’t put me in a table full of kids like how Eddie’s (Ben Stiller) ex girlfriend put Eddie in the ‘single’s’ table which is actually the kid’s table in the movie the Heartbreak Kid. You can actually see the clip below.

So days later,
Me: Ex, sorry can’t make it to your wedding. Something came up.
Now I feel bad lying to him.
Anyone else had the same experience? Would you mind if your husband/wife-to-be’s ex attends your wedding? You can comment anonymously if you want to 🙂

Stop Twisting My Panties!

Hello all, and a happy 2008!
I know, I know, this is rather late, and I disappeared without saying goodbye. I must admit, I did attempt to tender my resignation from blogging on numerous occasions during the last quarter of 2007, but xes kept disappearing and pretended not to hear me. So, I am still a guestblogger.
Which means, I still get to rant on and on right here, and you have NO choice but to listen (read)!
So xes, you can stop twisting my panties and I will do my best to find havoc in my life in order to have blogworthy news. Not to the extent of joining demonstrations and wet t-shirt contests.
Just a brief update. A change in career lead to many busy nights, therefore less opportunities to socialise, and thus less adventures to blog about. Even eating out has been, and is scarce.
My boss is still a bit difficult, and for the past month, I find myself thinking about a transfer to another department. It’s not him, it’s the job, or it could be him plus the job. Dunno.
Bimboman and I are still together, and doing our best to make the long-distance relationship work. I admit that it’s really hard work, and my determination in making it work is wobbly. I’m just tired, and I blame it on my job. I find myself venting my frustration on him, but so far, no huge arguments. 😉
Valentine’s day this year went by without any form of sexual harassment, hurray. Probably due to the fact that I was mistaken to be an elephant from behind. Nobody wants to molest an elephant.(Read: I’ve put on so much weight that my bum is 60-inch wide.)
I am ashamed to admit that although I am a citizen of age, I did not vote in this year’s election. I know, I know. How irresponsible of me not to register last year! And I wished I had voted! Arggghh.
I also understand that famous bloggers (sniff) have been attending pajama parties and many more happening events. I WANT IN!!!!!!
Oops, I do apologise for rambling. Xes merely instructed me to drop a note to say HI. ;X
I shaddup now.
But I’ll be back, sorry ya!
p/s: Is the gathering still on?

Because I Felt Guilty I Thought It Was Me

My boss
called his team into his room the other day, and we got nervous, worried that
we’d be given more work and reports to do. The past few weeks have been
occupied with numerous reports to prepare.

 Instead, my
boss started explaining to us about ‘time out’. Although the Human Resource (“HR”)
Department accepts that employees can take an hour or two out of the office for
errands or medical visits, it cannot be more than 2 hours or employees must
apply for half-day leave.

 He went on
and on to say that in any event if leave rather not be utilised, we should
obtain a medical certificate (“mc”) from the clinic or hospital.

 I was
sweating in skirt, wondering if he was referring to me. *gulp* Maybe he was
referring to me always running out of the office way before lunch time to run

 You see,
the other day, I had to visit the doctor before work. I sent a text message to
my boss explaining I would be late as I was at the clinic. Two hours later, I
was still not done as the doctor wanted to run some tests, so I updated him

 By the time
the doctor examined me and scrutinised my tests, it was almost 1pm. I
eventually got my medical leave. And then only did I inform my boss that I
would be on medical leave that day.

 So yeah, I
thought he was referring to me.

 So after
the ‘meeting’ with the team, I sheepishly went to his room and apologised
profusely, and explained that I was sorry the notification that I would be on
medical leave came rather late. I was rather to shed a few tears to show
remorse, but he waved me off and said it was alright. As long as I had a mc, it
was ok.


The reason
he dragged his team to explain the whole thing was because one of my team-mates
had been taken so many time outs through out the year for a million medical
check ups and my boss was therefore displeased. But he didn’t dare to have a
one-to-one talk with her, so he had to take it out on all of us!

hell, I was sheepish for nothing.

Abandoned Courts

xes-court1.jpgNow that the Kuala Lumpur civil and commercial courts are housed at Jalan Duta’s court complex, the Sultan Abdul Samad building along Jalan Raja have long been abandoned.


The old men who have sat outside the building on the pavement during its active times are still there, with their trusty old typewriters, and are still visited by people who need help in ……. typing some documents out for them? Previously, I’m sure they assisted poor summoned defendants in stating their defence in reply to the civil summonses against them. But now, I do wonder what they do.


I was walking towards Masjid Jamek and I noticed to my dismay, that building maintenance is not high on our country’s list of priorities. You still see tour buses bringing tourists to Dataran Merdeka and many of them snapping pictures of the building – I’m sure it’s a lovely sight to behold …… from afar.


Step closer, or walk along the 5-foot walk, and you’ll catch a glimpse of Sultan Abdul Samad building’s corridors. Look at the dust, look at the rubbish. Do we want tourists taking pictures of rubbish as well?


We are proud of our heritage and our new buildings, but for goodness sake, do keep them clean!

Kuih Cincin from Sabah


Some time ago, a friend gave me a packet of kuih cincin to try. She told me that it was one of the things Sabah is famous for. ‘Cincin’ means ‘ring’ in Malay, but it doesn’t look like a ring, does it? Perhaps it refers to several rings in the middle of the biscuit.

xes-kuihcincin-1.jpgOne of its ingredients is palm sugar, or what we call ‘gula nipah’ in Malay. ‘Nipah’ is a type of palm. The biscuit is nice and crunchy, and addictive! It is not too oily, but it can be. It’s not too sweet, either. In fact, I’d say that’s the reason why it can be addictive. 😉

I let some of my colleagues try and they loved it as well! Some have asked if I could have my friend bring some more packets of kuih cincin for them.

Apparently this kuih can hardly be found in West Malaysia. If so, it is hard and no longer fresh, according to one Malay colleague. I don’t know how true is this, but be sure to try it!

That’s what makes Malaysia unique – its variety of food from all its states! 😉

I Detest Ear Thermometers!


I suddenly came down with a cold yesterday and if you don’t know by now, I really detest having a cold! I hate stuffy or running noses, they irritate the heck out of me.

I don’t like feeling chilly as well, despite 5 layers of clothing (bra included). I don’t like having watery eyes or the loss of taste – no point in eating when I’ve got a cold, grrrr!

So I went to the doctor, hoping to get some Clarinase. Instead, he gave me this bottle of nasal spray, which looks more like the one where you dainty girls spray mist on your face? Yah. “Sea Water”, this one says.

At a glance, I thought it even said “Psychological Sea Water Microspray”! Hehehe.

The doctor asked, “Have I taught you how to use a nasal spray before?”

I said no, and he proceeded to teach me.

Apparently, when you stick it into your left nostril, it should be pointed to your left ear. When you stick it into your right nostril, you point it to your right ear. DO NOT stick it in and point it towards the back of your head. No no no, apparently. It is WRONG.

The nasal passage is on the sides of your nose.

Thereafter, the doctor asked if I had a temperature. I told him I felt chilly. He used the ear thermometer to take my temperature, only to tell me, after 2 seconds, that I did NOT have a temperature.

“But…,” I protested, but it fell onto deaf ears.

So I just sat in the office, with 2 jackets on like it was freezing in the North Pole.

I detest the ear thermometer!!!! This is the second time it has failed me. Sobs.

Unfortunately, it seems to be VERY accurate, if you google it up.

I’m off to bed. I’ve got sleep with 3 pillows behind my head to be able to breathe. Sigh.

A Sign of Weakness….

is when your boss sees your red eyes when you’re fresh from sniffling away in your cubicle
and to have him ask you, “Did you just cry?”
and you shrug and roll your eyes and say, “NO!”
when he knows you’re lying
so he asks you what’s wrong
but you try to act normal
but your voice cracks when you try to talk about work
and you stifle your tears, in case they flow down your cheeks again.

Sometimes tears of frustration just come, unwelcome
and it really sucks when it happens at work.
I can’t help it at times.

I hope he won’t give me a bad appraisal by the end of the year by saying, “She’s a crybaby, too soft. Weak.”

A Year and a Half

I was just wondering to a friend yesterday that despite my never ending advice and firsthand relationship experience stories, perhaps, just maybe i am not that wise after all.

They tell me their stories and together we’d wonder about the best possible solutions. Don’t get me wrong, I honestly have no idea why they’d seek my advice, because, come to think of it, I’m not so experienced after all.

Firstly, my longest relationship lasted a year and a half. So who am I to advise on the secrets of maintaining a wonderful relationship that goes beyond 2 years?

Secondly, I’ve never been married before. So who am I to suggest to people how to keep their relationship happy and exciting?

Thirdly, just because I’ve dated a million men and had more than 50 over relationships doesn’t make me a pro. (NB. Highly exaggerated!)

I can only give tips on how to maintain long-distance relationships, just for the fact that I have been in several. How tough it can be and how much dedication one must put in the commitment and compromise. But that’s about it.

I have opinion what amounts to cheating on your partner, and have ruled that flirting is not one of them, IF it’s only verbal flirting. No touchy-feely, of course. But this is because I have a tendency of flirting with attractive male who flirt with me, and that’s about it. ;P (Hey, I know my limits!)

What am I raving on and on about on a Sunday, you ask me?

Because I’m worried that this current relationship I’m having, which is fantastic, by the way, doesn’t go beyond a year and a half.

Especially when I know that I want to keep him for good.

Where is Fank @ Farouk???

It’s been a while since frank_omatic‘s last post here, that I’ve realised I’ve been missing him oh so dreadfully all along! Yup, it got me thinking that I’ve been slack with blogging (and have to endure scolding from xes) because I MISS FRANK_OMATIC!


What a revelation!

So I hunted around for past pictures of frank_omatic, only to come across our own version of ‘Where’s Wally’. HAHAHAHAHA!

It got me laughing again!

I tried my hand at it, but definitely can’t beat xes‘!

xes-search4fank.jpgI’m bad at photoshopping. ;D

After a Break Up – Where To Go?

Now that my friend is single and doing his best to spice up his social life, he often calls me up and invites me out, to Bimboman’s annoyance. [NB. xes has named my other half ‘Bimboman’ – not to say he IS a bimbo, ok!]

I have been too bogged down with work to meet up with him, since his girlfriend broke it off with him. What a friend, I am!

He’s asked me where he can go to meet new people and to expand his circle of friends. At his age (he’s not as young as xes!) I have no idea where to suggest him to go.

1. Clubbing? That could be a costly affair, if done regularly. And what if the girls call him ‘uncle’?
2. Recreation Clubs? I don’t know any around here that is multi-racial enough.
3. Salsa classes? Sounds possible! But where is the best place for salsa classes?
4. Gym? Not all sweaty women like to be picked up at the gym. ;P

I ran out of ideas and told him, “How bout going back online? Now there’s Facebook, or Friendster. Maybe you want to go back chatting on mIRC?” WAHahAHAHah~

I don’t even have anymore single girl friends to introduce to him.

p.s. The Official Facebook Song! But I like the acapella one better!