The Recruit

I went to watch “The Recruit” just now. Al Pacino and Collin Farrel starred in it.
Rating: 3/5
Synopsis: Collin Farrel is a young CIA agent recruited by Al Pacino. Collin Farrel was induced into joining CIA after Al Pacino hinted to him that his missing father was a CIA agent. Collin was then assigned to spy on Bridget Moynahan (who is his girlfriend from the Farm, CIA training school), a suspected double agent.

Comment: Even though the papers gave it a very bad review, I like the show very much. This is not actually an action movie but it’s more like a drama. It depicts what a spy game is like. The lines are very plain, the only catchy line that I can remember are “In life, everything is a test” and “Things do not always seems like it is”. The characters depend on playing mind games to defect their enemies.
12:53PM “We live by faith not by sight”

Last weekend of March

I went to watch Cradle 2 the Grave with Cheng Leong aka Xes, Frederick aka Hearts, Chuo Ming, Hun Chong, and Wen Dee. The movie is not really that good. I will give it one star out of five. Credit should be given to Jet Li’s fast fists. The storyline is boring and predictable. Anyone who is thinking of watching the movie should drop the idea unless you are a big fan of Jet Li or DMX. OOOh yeah, the opening tune of the movie is really catchy. Its call “Go To Sleep”, performed by DMX feat. Eminem & Obie Trice. One thing I noticed above Jet Li’s movie is that the black or the Chinese is always the bad guy but never the white. Hmmm…I wonder why. Even Jacky Chan’s movies have white as the bad guy but why not Jet Li’s? This post is actually written at 2:13AM but due to the daylight saving, l lost one hour today..sigh

Hearts Prawn Mee.

Xes’s housemate, Hearts made prawn Mee for us tonight. Xes, Khai Fei, Chuo Ming and I ate two bowls while Alex had three. It was very good. However, after that I had a bit of stomach discomfort. So far I had been to the toilet twice; I might need to go again. I am not sure whether it is the prawn or whether the soup is a bit too oily for me. It could be the pork as well. Apparently, I took a lot of pork, above 8 pieces because I have not had pork for quite awhile. Wen Dee was not too please about it while the others think I was selfish. Sorry, people, I have got to have pork at least once a week However, I doubt it was the Pork. It could be my stomach itself because I have a weak stomach. I cannot eat too fast, cannot take food that is too hot, and cannot drink anything that is too sour and if I have too much ice-cream, I will have to stay in the toilet for almost the whole night. There was once that I slept in the toilet for the whole night after eating Tom Yam steamboat with my friends at one of the restaurant in Malaysia. Anyway, the Prawn Mee was fantastic. The best prawn Mee I ever tasted in UK so far.

Guest, Guest…etc

Hello, I am Frank. I am Xes’s course mate at University of Sheffield and friend of another guest blogger, Wen Dee. Apart from being a guest blogger on Xes’s website, I am also the “Guest Cook” at Xes’s house. During the Christmas and Easter holidays, I am a guest resident at Xes’s house because my hall will be closed during the holidays and Xes is kind enough to let me stay in his room. Thank you, Xes.
12:09AM GMT