I was switching around the channels on astro randomly as there werent any interesting sports program on. Finally, one channel caught my attention and i decided to watch on. It was national geography. Really, this is quite abnormal in the household, especially for me. I dont usually watch tv, what more education-based channel (i dont know about you, but i always stereotype these as the boring channels). Anyway, it was a program regarding the possibility of finding life in the outer-universe. Yea, extraterrestrial. My good friend, Darren use to tell me abt all these ETs or lifeforms apart those on Earth. I was never interested. However, i recently notice myself that i’ve been quite curious. Of cause regarding those myths or mysterious unsolved stuff-lah. One afternoon i was googling around for lochness, next i was checking the tv schedule for “the triangle” which is currently playing on astro. U get the point.

Anyway, back to the program i watched. It was about some moon/planet light years away from earth that scientist discovered. They then named it Blue Moon (not the cocktail la dude). Scientists believe Blue Moon is suitable for habitation. With all the data they collected of blue moon, they move on to predict how is it like on blue moon, its atmosphere, its ecology, everything. They even go as far as designing the probable form of creatures and animals residing on Blue Moon using state-of-the-art computer equipments.

The program kept me thinking a little. Was the stuff i just watched on tv merely science fiction? Far-fetched illusion and mythology? I dont know but im sure curious now. Do you believe in outer-space life? Sorry if this geeky entry bored you 😛 Check this site if you want to know more.

My first post :D

Due to the overwhelming downloads recieved for Rych’s mix, we will be spreading his mixes via torrents. ( Gavin’s bandwitdh was raped, badly as i heard 😡 )

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