My first post :D

Due to the overwhelming downloads recieved for Rych’s mix, we will be spreading his mixes via torrents. ( Gavin’s bandwitdh was raped, badly as i heard 😡 )

Please continue seeding the file even after when its complete. You can still play the trance while seeding it on your torrent-programs 🙂

Mix #2 : Torrent Info
Mix #3 : Torrent Info
Mix #4 : Torrent Info | Direct Download (limited)

20 thoughts on “My first post :D”

  1. a big big thank you Hoonfai for all the trouble hooking up the mix on bt. The tracklist for mix 4 is listed below in case anyone wants it:
    1)A.M. Truck vs Tim. Hidgem – Love me
    2)Michael Hennes vs Kai Winter – Bord Blind
    3)DJ Virus vs Jason Midro – All your base(are belong to us)2005
    4)DBD – Paradise
    5)P.h.a.t.t – The Gift of Melody
    6)DJ Centaury and Synthetic – Ipanema
    7)DBD – Black Out
    8)James Jaye – Real High
    9)Immoral Monkeys – Black Nightmare
    10)The Prodigy – Voodoo People
    11)Compound – Wave Runner
    12)Boo Selekta – F*ck U Up (Nobody listens to hip hop)
    and for a limited time you can still download the new mix on http here:
    1000000x thank you Hoonfai!

  2. Frank:i’m not that famous yet to get that kind of superstar treatment! not neccesary lah, the present photo is good enough! Thanks! =)
    Hoonfai:That’s cool tell him i send regards and thanks for listening ^-^

  3. Frank, i got tonnes of Rych’s pictures. If u want any, just ask from me, keke. Can i post his pic here?

  4. suann : haha no im not blogging, just posting torrent links.. sexx0r w0nt let me 🙁 *Sob sob* b0ss jahat!
    frank : i think we shud sell them instead 😀
    rych : ahakz. np ;P

  5. eh honfaai should put the tracklists on the main page along with the torrent links la..
    i’m sure xessie will let you “blog” the tracklists. 😛

  6. question.. i’ve downloaded the first three mixes.. i’m very curious the hear the fourth.. but the link doesn’t work.. Where can i download the fourth mix.. my compliments by the way for this fantastic mixes.. cheers Frank

  7. Frank: You may download the mix from bittorent. First you need a bitorrent client,do a search on and download any client( bitorrent is like kazaa but spyware free.) click and save the torrent file from this site and then put it in your bitorrent client.I’m sorry if the mix had to be distributed on bitorrent because its eating up alot of bandwidth. If anyone is offering hosting space for the mix, do let us know!
    p/s:i still feel awful about what happened to Gavin’s site. sorry!

  8. frank : the site expired already, try using the torrent.. i suggest if u’re also new to torrent, use bitcomet.. it’s really rather user-friendly!

  9. thanks for your reply.. i’ll check it out soon.. and to the other frank.. gues you’re not the only one.. time for another question.. where are you guys from? it might sound pretty stupid..
    i;m from holland by the way.. and in those mixes i heard a track from qlimax.. i’ve been there last time 🙂 talk to you later cheers

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