Babbling Bloggers was oh my god…So many people, about 70 (some say 100) people, 134 photos and 49mb of photos. Well, not everyone was a blogger. There were blogger’s friends and friends of friends. We even had representatives from Penang (Fon and gang). And not to mention those IRCers who came. Oh the madness.

Initially we had a problem. At 10PM, there were nobody except for ryuu, kim, paul, Sui Lin, Ben and others. Our booking was cancelled due to unforeseeable circumstances hence we had to resort to the tables outside. But since there weren’t many people yet, we decided to settle down on those 2 large tables.

One hour later, oh my god, the benches were occupied. People had to resort to sitting on the table or stand up. Our corner was like a club, pack like sardines. Fuzzy said it took her half an hour to get in and out from our table.

*snap *snap *get closer *smile people *flash *oooh this picture is bad take again!* were the usual lines of the night. Alcohol was abundant thanks to Sow and others for providing the booze. And thank you Sow for forcing people to drink and be merry.

Anyway, newsflash, Gavin = total lost.

Cris was fucked but still standing. Gavin was so drunk till he slept on the bench without realizing that someone was sitting next to him. Poor Jasmine had to move out.

Well, tonight was a burst of social network for me. I got to know loads of new people and even caught up with some old friends. As for the others, I’m sure they met loads of new people hence it was worth a trip down to Bar Sa vanh.

Thank you all for coming, the event won?t be as mad without your presence (I?m sorry I cant thank you all personally. Too many names!). And to those who Fong Fei Kei (who didn’t come), screw you guys! Ah no I’m just joking, it’s okay, Sui Lin said we should have it as a yearly event! Until next year, we shall meet again!

All pictures @ Sui Lin’s website. For those I left out, sorry dudes..It’s 6AM in the morning..I’m tireed!


  1. congrats guys. hehehe. it looked verrrrrrrrrrry happening. darn, wasted cant make it. haha. congrats once again.p/s : jo’s name was spelt wrongly but im sure ur forgiven since it’s 6am! u guys made it happened. hehehe.

  2. cool nite but actually it was very hot over there.. din manage to go in cos i was already sweating like mad. Didn’t manage to say hie to the host πŸ™

  3. there were 80 people on my list that I could remember their names prolly another 20-30 over people i didnt know their names

  4. congrats for the successful event! hoped i could’ve stayed longer, or at least come over after i left for my instructor’s birthday party but after all that at 2 or 3am (can’t remember) i was dead tired and mighty drunk.hehe. next time i’ll make sure i stay longer ya! good job on the event!and nice meeting u, xes!

  5. wookookooo the penis eater!! honfaai thanks πŸ˜€ ryuu: yeah la..u should have stayed longer..loads of ppl man ehe

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