couple of notices before tonight’s event

Couple of notices before tonight’s event

It’s time for everyone to unite tonight at Bar Savanh and BOMB KOW THE HELL OUT of SUI LIN, GAVIN, and CRIST!!!! Crist cause it’s for his birthday! Gavin cause he’s leaving and cause he’s an easy target! and not forgetting Sui Lin cause she’s a girl and that’s she’s leaving as well. Although her alcohol tolerance may tip the scale a little but hell if everyone combine, she’s confirmed F @ # $ E D!!!! =D LOL *insert evil laughter here* So everyone, be nice and just GIVE IT TO THEM LA!!

Posted by tiberian_x

Friday, January 30, 2004

I left my MSN for like 5 hrs. I came back with tons of “GAVIN YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!!. DRINK WITH ME TONIGHT”. *cries* I dont wanna go Melbourne anymore 🙁
– posted by Gavin

Bar Sa Vanh Tonight / The Night I Feared most
Dear God,
Please help me tonight overcome the evil drinks that my friends are to make me drink. I fear it so much each night before this day I tremble within my sleep. Please give me the courage to take on the challenges which I will be faced with and if possible grant me an upgraded body system which can neutralise alcohol within seconds of consumption.
P/S – Please also give me a cloak of invisibility to shield my bad state when I reach home from my parents and a few tablets of Panadol-HE (Panadol Hangover Extreme).
– posted by Gavin