back from PD

Thanks everyone for your advices and words of comfort but there are things that I should keep to myself. Damage has been done. Now it’s up to us to patch things up.

Anyway, my friends and I stayed overnight at Port Dickson to celebrate Soon Loong’s 22nd birthday. We had a beach side barbeque and we bought loads of seafood (for once we didnt have chicken wings). But I think we ate more sand than food. The food was good though. We had lamb chops, cuttle fish, stingray and so on. We stayed at an apartment, which claimed that they have the cleanest and best beach in PD. Quite true, we could still see sealife on the beach. Kiang and WK caught loads of tiny crabs back home. I’ve no idea what they’re going to do with them (dont think those crabs are edible btw). When I was a kid, I brought loads of sea crabs back from Port Dickson but unfortunately they died the next day. I think I was dumb enough to put tap water with salt to replace the essential seawater.

I didn’t feel well throughout the outing. After the BBQ, I slept all the way through Soon Loong’s cake cutting session and Barons session. What a good night to waste.

Pictures from Soon Loong’s camera

More pictures @

6 thoughts on “back from PD”

  1. Hmm.. be thankful that you have supportive friends to fallback on.. Not everybody can be THAT lucky.. True, damge is done and there’s nothing that you can do, so why not pack it up and look forward at the bright future?Hope you find your true comfort in near future..~another stranger passing by

  2. mieliki: thanks :Di’m really thankful that im blessed with a bunch of wonderful friends. next time yamcha my treat šŸ˜€ haha

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