how would you feel?

If one day, you saw your girlfriend hugging this guy from the neck and her nose touches his nose and was about to kiss, and when you ask for a break up, she walks away without saying a word. She says that she’s flirtatious and doesn’t want to change a thing. And when you ask for forgiveness, she tells you that you are not her type, wants to be single, doesn’t want commitment and blames you for not being able to accept what she is. How would you feel?

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  1. hrmmmm….. she’s bitch anyway, if she really likes u , she wont think of being flirtatious,she’s playing around, heck it alritez? *hugz*:)don’t bother wasting ur time for this kinda girl

  2. have you fucked her? if you have, congrats, you dont have to care for her anymore. If you haven’t, I’m sorry lah brudder, tough luck, you should act faster next time on this type of girl.

  3. of all people, you were the last guy i thought would run into problems. i always thought you had the answers the everything. you are a guru when it comes to things like this, no?! ;xhaih, i dunno what to say man. im so happy yet confused? simply because you basically know what happened. but then again, SHE’S GONNA BE HERE ON SUNDAY! :Phang in there la… 🙂

  4. a sign of break up? What’s wrong wei cheng cheng!! Yeah man, of all ppl, you are the last man i thought this could happen to you!! What happen? :((

  5. probably nobody knows me, but I was boared so I decided to search for sex backwards and I found this. anyway, looks like I’m a bit late on the comment. I’ve had a very simular experience about 4 years back, and wish I could offer some valuable advice. however, I don’t really know you so I don’t know how well I can help. that fact coupled with the fact that I still not sure about how to handle the situation within my own head. it’s difficult to sort because emotions are controlling my logic. I think I can give you some general advice though. dammit, no I can’t. sorry, I tried, too much conflict within myself. grrrr. well how bout this…..good luck, you’ll be fine, hang tough man. oh yeah, and this….life can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, no matter what you do. that’s what happens when you open yourself up, be cautious about who you do open yourself up to, but don’t stop doing that, or you will be very lonley and sad. good luck bro.

  6. how would I feel?.. That I am better off without her.. “Why can’t you just accept that I’m flirtatious?” … -ahem- .. in english that would be “AIyar.. let me fuck around lar..” move on.. move on.. Girls like that won’t be able to stay on top forever man.. just wait for the day her world comes crashing down on her.. and smile to yourself realising that you did the right thing…

  7. i know it’s really hard on you, it’s like hard to believe that wat happened actually happened. But it’s just a girl, sigh… fuck it. go on with life there are so many things better than just “a gal”. I hope i dun sound sexist. But that’s how I usuall go on with life when a relationship doesn’t work out.

  8. i wouldn’t even bother to consider the relationship. what relationship is that if the girl can’t keep her hands to herself? think about it 🙂 you’ll be fine, cl. no worries *hugs*

  9. i think that girl is not worth having it around to be called a gf. She doesnt even respect the relationship with ya and go around doing stuffs with other guys. I’ll just dump her and get another better one, after all, a relationship is about 2 people sharing their lives together…Dont fret over it CL… get on with your life and forget her… not worth ur time.

  10. relationship is an expression of love and respect and trust and faith in the future.if these are violated..well, jst fuck it! eventually, a “better” girl will touch your life once more =)

  11. dude .. heeh oug boys so lemah meh? mahaiss .. lets show her wots the meaning of PAIN lah .. eheh oug style 🙂

  12. oug boy come out walk .. sky not sket .. land not sket .. sket BARONS oni .. goshh i think i jus fuckup my sentence

  13. she’s just taking advantage of the phrase ‘when u accept someone, u have to also accept totally what she is’…ahhh but does she knows what’s compromising? aiyah cheng hai, big breast girls are all like that wan leh…attention come cause of obvious reasons, and that’s what they want right?..even us guys, fuck man cock itchi, partner thousand of miles away, may have frens nearby but cant worry bout that now, knowing my i’m itching so badly, so *insert cross sign here* and just start humping. These girls are teh suck wei for relationship purposes so cl, if u’re looking for one, then just fly this kite, or if u’re not, then by all means, by the power rested in you, just fuck care man.. i’m here for u dude.

  14. AHhA..sket BARONS Only hahaha…anyway boy, so many fishes in the sea…move on buddy! No WORRIeS…..

  15. sorry to hear about it dicky. if i were in ur shoes, i’d be so damn hurt and would prolly call things off immediately since it wont work out. but that’s me. i give up easily. you’re diff. all the best. *hugs* take care.i think you deserve someone much better dicky.

  16. oi seksi!! no worries!! like i told ya 😛 u’ll be fine!! u know u will after a while anyways!! da next catch is always bigger so just look forward to it 🙂

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