Back from Rai Leh, Krabi!

It was a fun filled trip. 7 days of rock climbing, swimming, massage and Thai food!

Rai Leh is a peninsula surrounded by mountains and oceans, final access can only be by boat. It consists of 4 main beaches, Rai Leh East, Rai Leh West, Pranang Beach and Tonsai Beach. Itโ€™s a hot spot for rock climbers.

Rock Climbing @ Tonsai

We stayed in Tonsai, one of the beaches in Rai Leh. Tonsai is filled with climbers and Caucasian. The beach is beautiful but the water’s so-so. Girls with hot body and guys with 6 packs everywhere.

We stayed at Green Valley Resort Hotel. It was horrible. We had no luxuries at all, no hot water, no internet, no flush, no electricity after 830AM and no toilet paper! The only luxury we have is a noisy fan. But after a while we got used to the cold shower and bugs in the toilet. Thatโ€™s what you get for RM50 per night.

Road leading to our chalet

yea..the toilet, a bowl, a running pipe and a shower.

our room!

But the restaurant at Green Valley was excellent. Salad buffet was at 30 Baht and seafood was on an average of 40 baht per 100 grams. Imagine a huge piece of King Fisher for RM10 and 100 grams of mussels for RM3 ๐Ÿ˜€

The great staff of Green Valley!

Ping, Potato Ben and I had to share a bed. The first night was good except that the Ping snored loudly beside me. All I had to do is turn around, elbow him to wake him up. But it got worst when Potato Ben slept in the middle for the remaining nights. He took up most of the bed space, kicked Ping in his sleep and rolled on the bed unnecessarily. Sleeping with 2 guys is no fun at all.

Electricity in Tonsai turns off at 830AM. However, Internet is readily available throughout the day (until 11PM). It costs 3 Bath per minute.
Massage was cheap. It was about RM20 – RM30 for an hour massage. We tried their neck, shoulder and back massage, Thai massage and Oil massage. Loads of joints cracking and twisting. Their service was excellent as well. After massage, we were given fruits and drinks!

Yap massaging!

However, 7 days of Thai food didnโ€™t treat my stomach well. I had diarrhea on two occasions. Thank god the charcoal pills helped a lot.
Alright, back to the toilet bowl! I’ll post more soon!

16 thoughts on “Back from Rai Leh, Krabi!”

  1. okaeri!!!:D
    heee the place looks so great!! and the oil massage!!!:D:D:D I want to go.
    just now I went for a massage too,,,it was so so.

  2. nice. during my very 1st trip to thailand, I ate two big bowls of tom yam because it tasted DAMN good. then i spent the rest of the night in the toilet.

  3. Aiyor, so kesian, you seem to be afflicted with stomach problems like this pretty often, huh?
    Next time choose your bed mates properly! So far my friends never complained, but my sister did say I slapped her across the face in my sleep before ^___^;;

  4. Hahaha…that’s what i thought as well. Its a pretty small bird also i thought. ๐Ÿ˜›
    Toilet no flush? So its just poop into a bucket at the bottom or what?

  5. jane: heeeee we’ll go when we goto thailand!
    zhong: haha. thai food makes people poop more!
    applegal: we have to clean it ourselves! my guestblogger wendee once blogged about her friend being punched by her boyfreind during his sleep. it was damn farnee!
    jinhan: actually i have no idea. on the menu, it was written king fisher. i tot it was some sort of new fish ๐Ÿ˜›
    wolfx: poop into the toilet and manually flush it la hehe

  6. my aunt stayed there too!!
    It’s the place recommended to all backpackers!!!
    With RM50 a night…u can’t compare it with RM300 hotel rooms right?
    Krabi looks like great fun!! I want to go oso!!!!

  7. i cant stand toilet that gross…
    been to Krabi and remembered i stayed in this “rumah tumpangan” kinda inn and it was haunted and chilly inside ..
    anyway, so the island survive itself from the tsunami … sweet

  8. the beach looks fantastic, i shud plan with fiona to go there next time haha! but the toilet is just dot dot dot 0_o what kinda bugs did u mean were in the toilet?????

  9. give an idea about the budget and such ?
    planning to go there for greenspirit end of this year. i know its a long time to go but no harm planning.

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