unwanted pregnancy – abortion?

previously in malaysia, abortion for young unwanted pregnancies were not allowed. the option for abortion was only available for life and death situations for adults. should the young mother’s life be at stake, hence an abortion would be most necessary. but now, i think it’s allowed.
in singapore, teenagers are required to obtain their parents’ written consent.
BUT i may be wrong tho. you know, i’m quite ignorant with ‘current issues’ anyway. ;P

a few months back when this girl found out that she was pregnant, i advised her that she should consider whether or not she was ready to continue with the pregnancy and to start motherhood so young, bearing in mind the lots of cons/disadvantages that come with it, i.e. the parents’ anger and disappointment, would the baby be a good reason enough for her and the boyfriend to get married immediately. you see, when she confided in me, she told me that her boyfriend believed himself to be ready for marriage and to be a father to the child.
“but what about you? are you ready?” i asked.

she is only 21 years old, barely an adult.
after thinking about it, she decided to go ahead with an abortion (much to the displeasure of the boyfriend). she didn’t want to risk her parents’ disappointment and wrath. and also, the future is still a long way to go, what if he’s not the One?
so the abortion was done.

and just recently, she tells me that she suspects she could be pregnant.

aarrrggggghhhhhhh. *knocks head against wall*
which part of “safe sex” does the couple not understand? i’ve decided that this time i’ll keep quiet instead, but i can’t help to feel frustrated!!! frustrated with the girl or with the boy, for being careless for the second time? both.
of course i know i cannot intervene with whatever decision they make, but really la, i’m just feeling frustrated, and that’s about it i can do.

11 thoughts on “unwanted pregnancy – abortion?”

  1. sorry to sound kaypo. but ur friend decided to abort again? i think its really sinful 🙂 this shud be a good reminder to everyone here, make sure practice safe sex to avoid unexpected ‘guest’

  2. i had a fren who went thru abortion twice…when she got pregnant again the 3rd time, they decided to tie the knot…but shortly after that…she had a miscarriage..and it’s been 2 years already..she hadnt even conceived ever again.. :-S i guess there’s an effect of the surgery..

  3. Hi, just want to ask what is the best to do abortion?
    i’ve suspect that I’ve unwanted pregnancy.
    could you please give some advice. It is about less than 1 month pregnancy as my period overdue.


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