Back from South Korea!

In brief

No words can describe how good South Korea was. I guess it was due to the company I had.

The weather was cold. About single digit Celsius everyday.

Fortunately, it didn’t rain till the last day of my trip.

Getting around South Korea was easy like ABC. Subway is the best way to get around, it cost about 900won for every trip. Every signboard has English translation but most South Koreans cant speak English. Unfortunately, signboard on bus stands sometimes doesn’t have translation for it.

One big thing in South Korea are the power of Chaebo, family dominated conglomerates such as Samsung and Hyundai. They even have apartments with their name on them!

As for the Korean people, I find that more South Koreans could speak Japanese than English. Even staff at an Optical Centre could speak Japanese! Further, they treat tourists very well especially in Korean restaurants. They would personally teach us the way to eat their food. However, occasionally I feel like punching them on the face when I’m walking on the streets. They push and shove without discrimination!

I’ll post more on my next post! Stay tuned!

15 thoughts on “Back from South Korea!”

  1. Push push without discrimination? Even hot Korean chicks will push push? Then syiok lah!! Push back only! Why Koreans can speak Jap ar?
    Their engrish is just as bad as the Japs…haha

  2. wolf@work: Cos, Korean Peninsula was occupied by Japanese for a looooooooong time. That’s why, Korean’s culture has slight similarities with the jap for instance, they bow when greeting a person. Do u know that, Korea was once occupied by China as well? korean emperor paid tribute to China until the Hang dynasty. Their first kingdom was destroyed by the Chinese. The chinese influence on them are more eminent on their daily life that they have chinese names and their historical scripture were written in chinese character. Sadly, not many of them can read it now because they do not learn it in school anymore.

  3. ADrienna: eheheehe u should go! its really good!
    karheng: yeah damn chun hehe
    ivn: yeah man breast of the best!!!
    wolf: unfortunately, those who push and shoved me were men. if they were girls , w00t..squueze squeezeee. i guess the reason why they could speak jap is that they are many jap tourist in korea. despite the hateful relationship between koreans and jap, i guess their reason for learning jap was for economic purposes.

  4. you might be surprised that the korean baby boomers do know how to speak mandarin and read/write chinese as well.
    hey where does the ‘cut cock’ sign from? in public men restroom? hehe!

  5. aiyah~ must go to Korea for real one day. Only hv stopped by in Incheon Airport only. Surprised me to see how the shopkeeper asked me in Japanese, then I looked at her with ??. She then spoke to me in Mandarin. Still look at her in ??. 😛 Then I told her I dun understand both Japanese and Mandarin in English. 😛 Scare her away. Haha!! Shouldn’t play fun of her tat time.
    Korean gals vs Japanese gals… with one better?

  6. fishfish: Jap girls are better!! hehe yeah, i get that loads of time when i was there. they think ppl who doesnt look like them are japs.

  7. Damn funny huh. Koreans hate to be mistaken for japs but yet they speak the japanese language fluently.
    One of the biggest misteries for me.

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