blind beggar

One night, I went yam cha (drink tea) with my friend NC, AT, and YM in SJ. We were happily chatting about AT’s wedding when suddenly out of no where a blind man stood next to us, begging for money. All of us kept quiet the moment we saw him, pretending that we were not there. However that damn bugger just wouldn’t budge. He stood there pitifully, hoping that some kind young man will spare him a change or two. Seeing this, I waved my hand in front of him, gesturing to him that we are not interested in making any “donation” to him.

“Frank, why are you doing that?” NC asked

“Do what?”

“Waving your hand. He cannot see wei, He is blind!”

“Ssssssssssh,” AT and YM quickly stopped NC because the man was still behind us.

Finally one minute later, the fellow moved on the next table.

Therefore, we continued our conversation. Queerly 15 minutes later, that damn beggar came back to our table and stayed for approximately 5 minutes!

“Why on earth did he come back to our table?” NC said in anger

“Dude, the fellow is blind lar. He cannot see!” I said and everyone busted out in laughter.

Boy, I sure feel bad making fun of that blind beggar. However, I did notice that that beggar knew where all the tables are even without anyone guiding him. He could be faking it.

9 thoughts on “blind beggar”

  1. bUttsHAk3r: definately faking lar. How come he knew where all the tables are and i didn’t see him beg for the pillars for money.
    iHafnObaLLz: aunty, i tried that lar and the fellow got the end of my nerves lar. KNN,he can wait for damn fucking long one.
    pikey: Seriously, they can get training at the blind ppl centre for a skill or two to earn living. No doubt they might not get as much as begging but still it is better than leeching.

  2. you studied law in sheffield right? well you prolly know that the beggars here sell ‘the big issue’ instead of begging on the streets. but there still are turds who prefer to just sit there with a bloody can of beer begging.
    no self pride, sials!

  3. Usually there are a lot of them in Subang. I never give them anything because almost all of them are faking it. It’s obvious..because they can cross drains without using a stick? Also, they usually make their eyes look one kind, like their eyeball somewhere else..but real blind people don’t do that, they just look straight at something and there is no focus in their eyes.

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