bad fashion sense

dear bimbobum,
i think i’m surrounded by friends with no fashion sense at all. and it embarasses me like hell. but of course, i dare not tell them that.
for example, ah beng was wondering how come his good friends do not invite him to join them clubbing. i was so tempted to tell him that his dressing sense needed some improvement. i mean, look! you wear loafers without socks and with your jeans folded up? what century is this? at his age, it’s so ah pek (uncle) looking!!!!

anyway, the other day i told him about his jeans folded up. i told him it’s not cool. then he told me, he doesn’t want his jeans sweeping the floor. so i told him that he can always fold it inwards what. or don’t have to fold so much! but he didn’t understand me. and he confessed that he has a secret belief that he may grow taller in the years to come. o.O
and then ah lian keeps complaining to me how come she cannot find a boyfriend. so i suggested why not she and ah beng get together, since they seem well-suited. she was horrified! she told me, “what?? with his horrible dressing sense? no way!”
i wanted to tell her to look in the mirror. this was what she wore to a friend’s wedding dinner the other day. i asked her why was she wearing boots with her dress? she told me that she didn’t have any other shoes. “black and black go together, right? so it’s not too bad.” she told me. ya, i was thinking to myself, if you’re going to a gothic club or Marilyn Manson concert.
yours sincerely,
i am not an ah lian.

Dear I suspect You are an ah Lian too,
how old are your friends? how poor are they? can you please introduce them to me so i can tell them to buck up their fashion sense? sadly i agree, your friends fashion sense need to improve.
my goodness. girls still wear boots? happening! or is she a guy pretending to be a girl?
anyway, i’m too speechless to give you any advice. the picture of ah beng‘s feet made me lose my appetite for dinner, because i’m imagining smelly feet.
cheers ;P,
bimbobum is not a fashion expert.

bimbobum’s unofficial definition of ah beng: he can be someone with or without bright dyed hair with dressing sense which is out of this world, but he’ll always think he’s cool.
ah lian: the female version of ah beng.

30 thoughts on “bad fashion sense”

  1. Dear I suspect you are an ah lian,
    you can look for me too. I can guide you a bit. 1st lesson FOC. We’ll talk about the following lessons.

  2. oh well…that’s not cool…
    i gave up on that already..i m too lazy to even bother lookin at ah lians n bengs..
    oh well again…im no one to judge those bengs lians anyway..

  3. boots with a dress is like poo with asam laksa. Both should never be mixed together for a healthy life.

  4. zhong: wat lessons? to be or not to be an ah lian? ;P
    peggy: hahaha… i know, not to worry. just that, you don’t know how to answer them when they ask you questions like these, “how come i can never get the girls/guys? how come i’m not as popular as my friends?” ;P
    electronicfly: gross description! ;P

  5. you can always wear boots with dresses, and still look smashing! Just NOT those ‘hiking’ boots! 😛
    Dear Ms. “black goes with black”,
    Investing in a pair of nice, versatile strappy sandals will be wise. 😉

  6. Wow….so kesian if your best friends reject u just cause of your dressing. 🙁
    I heard of BO etc but dress sense…kesian.

  7. Mei: easier to make snow angels what. ;P
    wolfx: BO? i have friends with BO… of course i secretly cannott tahan la. especially sitting in the same car. ;X and dunno how to tell them they smell.
    julie: aHAHAHAHA!!! it’s true wat ;P anyway, APOLOGIES to any gothic and MM fans, my bad!
    xes & Mei: ya ya. stiff&hard popular ;P AND NO, I SHALL NOT TEST OUT THE DAMN THING WITH FANKY (note to wolfx) ;P

  8. HAHAHAHAHA i dowan his gf to force me to commit harakiri
    stiff&hard stiff&hard *piak piak piak* stiff&hard stiff&hard *spank spank* stiff&hard wow i like the sound of it ;D

  9. AvalonDevil: aHaHaHa… so confident har you. ;P
    smashpOp: this is only part 1. sequel is on the way. heheh. ;P
    xes: got ah lian porn? put on mute? ;P
    diehardx: erm, i’ll see if my model is willing to pose for me the next time. ;P
    karheng: aaahh… hmmmmm. good question. ;P

  10. ah lian love those boots i tell u
    they wear them with’s like their version of Manolo i tell u..

  11. speaking of ahlian porn put on mute, i wonder how real mutes sound like while doing it.
    Shouldn’t be too “arousing” i suppose. >_<

  12. peggy: i thought fluorescent orange or green or yellow sneakers and striped knee high socks? hehehehe
    fr0stie: gagged with scarf? woohoo… kinky ;P
    wolfx: aiks. mute doesn’t mean can’t get aroused wat.

  13. bimbo: can. Oops…..actually i meant “deaf” person, not “mutes”. Cause usually associate deaf with mute so was confuzzled.
    Cuz deaf ppl never hear how “moans and groans” sound like….so their moans and groans probably…quite…mmm….nvm la sensitive. No offence. I go bang head against wall now kthxbye.

  14. bimbo,
    it is very weird to wear socks with the loafers/moccasins. Lagi ah beng…. worse, apek.
    I agree with the ah lian wearing boots. Damn… its very bad taste. I don’t like girls to wear those boots… unless they are good looking and there’s still hope to persuade them not to wear those boots.
    I also agree that some ah lian are damn hot and fashionable. Its just their mouth… their profanity dictionary are very up to date.

  15. Where are you from where sockless loafers & cuffed jeans isn’t “exceptable” to you? Tell him to come to L.A! That look is huge over here!
    What do you wear that’s SO fantastic anyway?’

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