17 thoughts on “Saddam Hussein:Once a tyrant…”

  1. he be tyrant in prison also la. torture everyone with horrible music. ;D i hope he doesn’t have internet access to google his name and come here…. ;p

  2. bimbobobum:ohh he better not be googling or i’m a dead man!
    xes:saddam doesnt play requests. He blows up everything,your house, your country even your ear these days.
    avalondevil:he wont be out of jail because he loves his new job.
    Darren:i think he only plays the iraq national anthem.
    insomnia:i got this randomly while browsing through flkr photos. Apparently someone photoshop-ed it. he he.

  3. Welcome to all you crazy cats tuning in to Opression FM, this is your mix master saddam. bringing you only the latest in subliminal mind control techno. Cellmate 7625522 would like to request “Saddam is your master” and we’d love to play. So kick back and enjoy the tune for the next 6 hours.

  4. dogma:i don’t want to be in his prison
    frostie:marry him?
    frank_omatic:those decks look like 70’s punya stuffs.

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