Bar Council Ethics Dinner

Last week, Frank and I attended the Bar Council Ethics Dinner right after our compulsory Ethics Lecture.

It was held @ the Royal Selangor Club, one of the most prestigious clubs in Malaysia. It was attended by 92 other chambering students plus some senior members of the Bar.

Our guest speaker, Mr. S1varasa, the Vice President of KeAD1Lan (opposition political party of Malaysia) gave a great speech which serves to advise soon-to-be lawyers.

We were fortunate to be seated next to him. We gave us great advice and loads of his political views. And of course, since legal ethics were still fresh on our minds, we applied them in the dinner.

Simple rules like,
1. Dont leave the table until the most senior person does.
2. Greet seniors
3. Dont start eating until the most senior person does.
were complied strictly.


Mr. Siva: Do you know that the government has tried to silence us by controlling the media??
Cindy: uh uh yes yes..
Me: yayayaya
Mr. Siva: blablablabla
Cindy: uh uh yes yes..
Cindy then turns to me and said,
I need to go to the toilet…helpp mee…can he please shut up…
Me: LOL!!!!

Here are some pictures from that night..

Elaine: wow your chicken looks nice!! but my fish is nicer..yumyum..

Me: (takes a bite) mmmmmmm.. HOU HOU MEIII (Chinese for delicious) Mine’s better!!
Elaine: oh really??
Me: yes!! wanna swap dishes? mine’s “great”
Elaine: (shows middle finger)

Me: Wah…this thing is damn kencing manis (diabetic) man.. damn sweet!! I like..

Cindy: May it please my Lord, pls shut up.. I need to go to the toilet…
Me: LOL!!

Frank with his killer pose. (R) Der Lin: mmmm handsome..

20 thoughts on “Bar Council Ethics Dinner”

  1. omg, that’s exactly what they served us the last time. Has the cook ran out of ideas or what? The chicken was way too dry even with the gravy. The dessert was probably the only highlight, but I have to agree, wayyy too sweet !! And no alcohol?? What’s dining when there’s no alcohol? Not like I am such a drinker tho’. Hmmm.

  2. m3ngchoo: whoa..meng choo, i’ve not seen you here (in the comment box) for a long time. Welcome back! Yea, no liquor and the bar is meant for the members only. I was trying hard to get myself high on orange juice. That’s perhap the first time i ever celebrated my birthday on orange juice and lousy food…hahahaha

  3. Hey, like very small portions only. Punya kecil!!! 🙁 What’s this, only one stalk of brocolli, two halves of a carrot and one piece of potato with the chicken. . . >:P Some more they give you water with cordial syrup!!! HAHA the expression on Der Lin’s is damn funny XD

  4. at least u had orange juice, i think i had like syrup or something. Too sweet for my liking. Talk about good dining food, i miss Lincoln’s Inn. Although on the actual call day, the food served was by far the worst! Some cold minty asparagus soup, cold coarse chicken breast, some sorbet and yummy dessert (forgot!). Bad bad.

  5. karheng: no lar, not that cheap at Royal Selangor club.
    Darren: around there lar
    chuoming: i dun mind not smoking at the table.
    wolfx@work: If the food was good, i dun mind but luckily i had good company.
    m3ngchoo: They should at least serve fresh juice. Afterall 100++ per person is an expensive dinner. BTW, buffet lunch at the Bar Council is 100 times better than that 3 course meal.
    galFeRari: I think m3ngchoo can answer that on our behalf. Yes, m3ngchoo?

  6. lincoln’s inn. hmm, actually i wouldn’t know why, but i guess we have our own reasons for choosing the inns. although middle temple is a pretty popular choice these days. free dining for non-london students!

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