As you all already know, xes is doing dock brief for his legal aid duty and i have been assigned to Legal Aid Clinic. My duty is to ascertain whether or not the client is qualify for free legal service and to give legal advise. I had met quite a few interesting clients although i had only done this twice.

Case 1
A man walked in with his wife and son. The man cried in the center because he did not have to raise enough money for the bail.
” Please help me! I only have RM1000. I don’t have enough money for my bail. Can you go to the court now and ask the judge for discount ar…”
“Mr, the least the judge is gonna give is RM2000 lar.”
“NO!!!! Help me plz!!!”
“Can the Bar Council lend me RM1000 ar? I promise that i will pay back.”
“Cannot lar”
“Plz lar…look at my son, so young…i really don’t want to go jail lar. I am innocent lar.”

Too bad, the Bar Council don’t have the policy of lending money to client. I told him to go back and try to raise any RM1000. In the meantime, i will get the dock brief people to mitigate for a lower bail on his behalf. Sadly, i was told last friday that that man went to jail anyway.

Case 2
A chinese man walked into the clinic, asking for legal aid.
“Mr, how can i help you?” i asked.
“I HAVE A PARANG (machete) BEHIND MY CAR!” he said loudly.
WTF! I almost dropped my pen when i heard that.

Case 3
A businessman walked into the clinic.
“Mr, how can i help you?”
Oh no!!! Nut case!
“It’s my indon worker lar. He went missing for 2 weeks. We made a police report. You know what?”
“The police was looking high and low for him and they cannot find him because he was in the lockup!….hahahahahhahaha.”
“OH MY GOd…hahahahhahaha…”
“So…hahahhaha…so…hahahhaha, i think Bar Council should do something about this lar…hahahhaha”
“But i want you guys to know that he is no longer my employee now. His contract had been terminated upon him been caught for a criminal offence.”
“oooh, he is a legal lar”
“Ya, he has permit to work for us. BTW, he is in Sungai Buloh Prison now…hahahahhahaha…and the damn police cannot find him!…hahahahhaha.”
“Mr, you are really kind lar. You help your ex employee although he went missing for 2 weeks for no reason.”
“No lar. This the right thing to do, for the sake of humanities.”
What a noble employer. I RESPECT YOU, MR. C.

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8 thoughts on “I HAVE A PARANG IN MY CAR!”

  1. JolingX: =P If smiling is difficult, just laugh.
    .myko: there are weird ppl everywhere, mike.
    Dan & gguni: P & C but you can more or less guess.
    honfaai: yes, Mr. C is a person but due to my duty of confidentiality, i can’t tell you.

  2. oh. just curious.. i thought he maybe my uncle in law πŸ™‚ hey btw, do u guys, urm.. chambering students(Right?) provide FREE legal advices to public? πŸ˜€ just a question!

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