Bass agent @ Crave

Unscrupulous mother fuckers! The event was supposed to be free! Well, I’m talking about Crave (a new club in KL). According to sources, Bass Agents had problems with the management initially. They almost couldn’t play in the club but in the end they settled it with an agreement. Bass Agent will be playing for free and there will be no cover charge. However, Crave (the club) went around it by forcing everybody to pay for something called First entrance drink. They had this guy outside the club persuading people to buy a drink before entering the club. Those who refused were not allowed in.

Anyway, the music was good! Unfortunately, Fiona and Sharon didn’t like it because they weren’t properly dressed for the event. Everyone dressed sportily with sneakers.

The end ended early for us. And I sent Fiona and Sharon back to Klang. oOooohhh…the pain… of my wallet…

11 thoughts on “Bass agent @ Crave”

  1. The Bass Agents didn’t get paid cause there weren’t any cover charge so I guess we shouldn’t complain as much…

  2. the first drink charge is liek a cover charge already la. crave tried to con our money. remember the mineral water they gave? my dick is eeven bigger than that!!

  3. yerh, i wouldnt have gone if not for bass agents/crowd. If i didnt go they wouldnt have taken money from me for my booze. Hence my booze money was made as a result from bass agents. Thats why they should ave been paid. But since they weren’t paid crave shouldnt have squeezed money from us

  4. Hey.. we paid you 😛 and i think we left a big tip for you on our last trip with you hahaha!!! 😀 winge winge winge!

  5. they don’t have much of a business sense, do they? such simple profit making logic. if they were to sell bottled water that costs only $1 compared to the costlier & more sophisticated Evian, wouldn’t they be earning a little bit more? at the same time keeping customers happier with a little bit more h20.but then again, they probably didn’t want you to quench your thirst completely. hence the conservative amount. you will eventually have to buy another bottle from them. sick huh.

  6. sharon & fiona: noooo! i’m giving you back the money! 😀 jacq: yeah la. if the bottle is a little big better then i wouldnt complain that much. Well, their strategy sounds like a good money squeezing method. However, in good business sense, making customers unhappy is a big nono!

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