Atmosphere wif sharon and fiona

Everybody bangs Gayvin
After a long night of waiting, Gavin, Fiona, Sharon and I finally adjourned to Atmosphere. Fiona wanted to club 9 9 before she leaves for Brisbane next Monday. We met up with Edwin, Daniel and Ryan, his army cousin from Singapore @ Atmosphere.

Ben came late. He didn’t want to pay for cover charge so we tried to get someone to bring him in for free. Edwin could bring him in but unfortunately, Ben was wearing short pants hence he wasn’t allowed to get in. However, while we were inside, we saw this white dude wearing short pants and SLIPPERS.

The club wasn’t pack at all and sadly the music sucks big time. The DJ seriously needs to get new vinyl because that ma fucker has been playing the same songs over and over again. Fortunately, Sharon and Fiona liked it!