battle of the bands

Battle of the bands

WIth performances by Dragon Red, DISAGREE, John’s Mistress and 10 competing bands!

Taylors College Battle Of The Bands 2004 }

Date : 21st August 2004
Venue : Taylors College Carpark
Occasion : Taylors College Battle Of The Bands
Bands : Dragon Red (GuestBand), Disagree (Guestband), Versatile, Trash Bugs, Beat the System, FunkyDogs, Larva Eve II, Ternterhooks, LIMESTONE, Pyling Section, Mad Fish, Virtuoso.
Cover Charge : RM 3
Time: 7pm Onwards

Well, I’m going!

This could be a big surprise to some of my friends as I’m not very fond of rock or alternative music. (TO KIM ROCK MUSIC SUCKS). However, one of the organizers hired me as a photographer. I’m getting paid..yay!!

but..ooooh nooo i hope the camera doesn’t fuckup..

Anyway, here are some photos taken from Bintulu market

not edible. its actually used as a brush.


11 thoughts on “battle of the bands”

  1. Whoa…battle of the bands…. honestly…how many GOOD shots can u get from BOTB? If ur talking about babes… hehehe then maybe. Why dun have bands like Alleycats ar? They are the rockest man..=)

  2. Oh yala..ur getting pd…haahha shioks…simple man. Eh that bRuSh i saw before…is it for brushing clothes one?

  3. heheheerock sucks rock sucksbut ure there alsodon’t la give petty excuses about u being cameraman and allwe all know secretly u went there to enjoy the musicdon’t worryi can keep a secreti promise i won’t tell 😛

  4. eishin: dosagree..erm..too late liao eheh coconino: aiyoyo..penis?? dont so hamsap la!! karheng: mmm it was not bad actualy..i think i got couple of good shots hehe as for the not very sure..mmmlouyaumike: thanks dude! more pics coming up soon! kim: ROCK MUSIC SUCKS!!!

  5. those “brushes” are actually dried-out gourds. the remaining fibre is used as a loofah 🙂 Sold at Body Shop after processed and cleaned loofahs for exfoliating purposes.Go compare the prices – market / Bdoy Shop ;D

  6. you maketh fun of me! D;i knew i should’ve just shutteth up! D;gah. damn nerd! i’ll stop subscribing to nat geo immediately!

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