battle of da bands

Battle of the bands 2004
I was hired as a photographer for this event. The organizers promised me a fee of RM100. My job was fairly simple. All I need to do was do the thing I like the most, which is taking photos.

Since this is a rock concert like event, organized by Taylor’s College, none of my friends wanted to go. Thank god Sam accompanied me!

Sam and I were given a VIP tag each. We could access everywhere we wanted. Security was tight though, we were stopped many times for an ID check cause we didn’t display our tags.

Surprisingly, the event went really well. The bands were good and their performances were superb. I didn’t expect college students to perform that well.

Unfortunately, the event was packed with kids (even kids at the age of 14). I felt so bloody old. But it was good fun daring Sam to pick up one of the many small kids there. She didn’t dare.. tieww..

Some girls were screaming their lungs out, as if they were begging to join the band’s groupies. Another thing was, even though the event was not filled with alcohol or drugs, everyone seemed to be having a good time.

I couldn’t stay till the prize giving ceremony as I ran out of film and I had to rush for my movie at Mid Valley. While the rest of the crowd were screaming encore, Sam and I were screaming for… NO MORE!!

Well, we got to see the movie (13 going 30). Ping and Umeng were patiently waiting for us at the cinema. Oh yeah, we were an hour late. All we saw was Jennifer Garner’s protruding nipples.

Right after the movie, we decided to drop by Bar Code to say hi to some friends. It was supposed to be a 10 minutes thingie. However, it didn’t turn out the way it was expected to be. As we entered Bar Code, friends hushed us to their tables and started drowning us with alcohol.

WE lasted till 530AM… soooo tired!!

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  1. haha BOTB again in Taylor’s ar? My friend’s band got 2nd place in 2001. That arse made me get ppl to go infront of the stage and form a mini mosh pit. That’s what got them extra points.

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