Been a while

Before Leong goes FURIOUS about my sudden disappearance from the blog, ok, here is the major alert…SL is back with some serious blogging session!!! 😀 If I may convince you that I am an ever loyal fan of My daily bread that is 😛 For some reasons, Inns of court school of law (ICSL) does not permit me to access to the website. I wonder why..xes..too scandalous?.ekeke

It is hard to believe that it has been 1 1/2 months since I got back from Msia. Only 1 1/2 months??!! It feels like forever. I am gradually detaching myself from the warmth of Watson 16 *sob *sob. Miss every one of you so much?getting all sentimental..yikes.. Life is nothing like how it used to be in Sheffield, gosh..the BVC is unimaginable!! I swear I have never worked so hard in my life..not even during SPM..(I thought SPM is the worse and the stweeeepidessssst examanination that I have taken) Well, the BVC is not all that bad after all, at least I get to dine with barristers and occasionally with the Lord Justices. This got to be a once in a life time opportunity, it will be all good.

A series of upheaval have come between me for the past 1 1/2 months. I don’t know where to begin and I don’t intend to. Let’s just say that let the worse come to an end and pray for many happy returns. It is sometimes quite difficult to stay focus when the pain keeps come creeping in..i dread the sight of hospitals and doctors and nurses. *ouch, dammnit!. Many thanks to the people who have cared for me, I simply feel blessed. Remember, health is the most important thing ever!!

Guess what? I have been living without water for 3 long days!! At least, I still can buy drinking water from the confectionary shop downstairs, butttTt..i can’t cook, I can’t shower, I can’t flush, and basically, I can’t do anything without water!! Apparently, no one wants to take the responsibility as to the sudden cut off of water supply. Damn , such a pain in the arse I tell u. How unlucky..this is the 3rd time I?m experiencing the hell. My housemate and I are going to make Thames Water to compensate us, considering the time, energy, costs that we have incurred to call them and the frustration; they must come out with some sort of compensation. I don’t care!!!! hmph!!!! Apparently, my neighbour wrote them a 5 pages long A4 sized complaint letter which made Thames Water wrote him 2 cheques. Anyone good at writing complaint letters?..keke

I promise you guys with some pictures of the fall next time. It is beautiful 😀


8 thoughts on “Been a while”

  1. Hey u okie or not ar? What’s this pain I’ve been hearing that u haf? And as for the water problem,writing complaine letter is easy.A couple of line is enuff to get u compensation. Don’t need the lawyer mambo jambo stuff so can save ur time (no offence ar). 1st, write to Thames Water Supply and tell them that lim peh will make a call to BBC and ask them to make a special segment on da 8 o’clock news out of this issue unless they compensate.Proceed to stress how they’ve cause u pain and suffering & if they still don’t rectify da problemo immediately,tell them that they’re seriously looking for one up d arse by siew siew! (other than the last part about d arse,the rest of it should work.At least that’s how it is in Australia.They even take the national telecoms carrier (TELSTRA )to da TV countless times. ) It’s good shit man. But u take care of urself lar…..Don stress out too much 😉

  2. Siew Lee, sorry was too busy the last couple of days so couldn’t meet up with you.. well hope to see you when you come back…

  3. gguni: thx, i’ll b fine ;pxes: GRrR!! no siewpao biznes arr!! TOo Much!! suilin: no worries, hope u had a great time in uk 😀

  4. i think some schools dont let ya’ll xs this site cos xes = sex spelt backwards.. maybe they ban those words, hehe…

  5. honfaai, u think you’re funny ah? that is the dumbest sentence i’ve ever from anyone!! go study for your spm la taukeichai!

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