reinforceed 2!!

Happy Deepavali to ALL MY INDIAN VISITORS!!

Next week will be the Muslim’s fasting month. I overheard this conversation while at Uncle Maverick’s place.

Malay Man: Eh.. Is this shop open during the fasting month?
Maverick: yeah, of course!
Malay Man: So… is the backdoor open during the fasting month? ;D

Apparently, the Malay man wanted to break his fasting during the fasting month. It is an offence to break your fasting, and if caught, you’ll be arrested and brought to court with a mortuary car. 😀

Reinforce 2
The rave was one of the best I’ve ever been!

The music was fucking good especially Jason Midro’s set. The crowd was good, with loads of familiar faces and I say, 25% of the crowd could do the Melbourne Shuffle! ;D

Jason Midro’s set started at 4:30AM, and by that time, the dance floor was half empty. I was dead tired by then. However, his high-energy trance was fucking good, it was a waste to sit down and rest!

Despite the uplifting sets of all the DJs, there were fights between some rival gangs. No blood shed though but it was a turn off as raves were supposed to be a place to be enjoyed and not to get into trouble.

While resting outside, a girl joined our group and sat next to Gavin. So to make things clear, Gavin was sitting in between of Johnson and the girl.
Gavin: Hi I’m Gavin. *stretches hand for a hand shake*
Girl has no response. Gavin waves desperately for attention. Then, Johnson, sitting next to Gavin,
Johnson: Hi I’m Johnson.
Girl: Hi I’m Kat. *shakes hand*
Gavin still with his hand stretched out, looked at me. I laughed uncontrollably. Hahahaha

Anyway, Gavin wasnt trying to pick the girl up. It’s just a friendly gesture to introduce each other according to this conversation..

Gavin says:
its just trying to say hello mar since she is don’s friend. how i know I say hello she never respond
Gavin says:
its called friendly gesture. so you see im not licking her up
Gavin says:
oh nia ma…die another typo!!

The best part of all, rave from 11PM to 6AM + entrance + Parking + Drinks + huge space + good crowd + fucking good music = Total Cost = 0 Ringgit!!!

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  1. i think gavin`s getting more popular then cheng leong himself here.. well i have to admit i know about this gavin guy quite alot from here eventhough i`ve not even met him before *keeps his mouth shutted*

  2. selina: no pics 🙁 our camera girl wasnt there :(gavin: you the man! eraine: u r0xx too ahahachuoming: ehheaheahaeh, what a way to comfort him ahhaah

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