belated bdayyy

I woke up with a stiff neck today. Don’t know why but I think I slept too much.

Chin called me to wish me Happy birthday. It’s been a while ever since I talked to him. We chatted for a while and did a little bit of catching up.

Melody and I had dinner at Opus Bistro in Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar. It’s pretty posh. The place is decorated ala Bali style with sofas and small fountains. They even had sketches hung on the wall for sale (not cheap, RM2000+ for a piece) I ordered a T bone steak with garlic sauce. According to the menu, the meat was specially flown from New Zealand. Bullshit, probably they got it from the market nearby. However, the steak was amazingly huge and it tasted good! Despite the humongous size of the steak, I wanted to have dessert (yes, I gained weight, aiii) We asked for the menu and chatted a bit. Suddenly, the waiters were singing the birthday song and the lights begin to dim. I was thinking who the heck is having a birthday a day after mine. As I turn, the waiter was holding a birthday cake saying “Happy 21st Birthday Babi! *muax*” They were heading towards me. It was a surprise for me from Melody. I was so surprised that all I did was just smile and smile. I made a wish, blew the candles, took the candles off using my teeth and ate a slice of the Chocolate Cheesecake. We were full till we couldn’t finish our cake. We decided to cut the remaining cake into half and gave it to the waiters. Initially I wanted to divide the cake to everyone in the restaurant but there wasn’t enough for everyone and Melody wanted to keep some for her cousin and mum. We decided to give it to the waiters for doing a good job surprising me.

I quote myself, “Alcohol had been giving me memorable memories” and also embarrassing ones of course. Last year, when my Sheffield classmates and I were drinking during my birthday in Tapton Hall, I got very drunk. I couldn’t even see and walk properly. I rested in the lobby with my not so drunken friends and some strangers. There were 2 girls sitting next to me and they were chatting with me. I spoke to the one next to me and after a while, i asked her for her name. She answered “Doris”. As I was about to speak, the girl next to Doris shouted, “She’s my mother!” Embarrassingly shocked and surprised, I opened my eyes widely and saw an elderly Chinese lady sitting next to me.